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  1. are you serious??? How much would you estimate plugged in appliances that are off consume?? ...... man this is making me nervious, i have a lot of tech toy that i leave plugged in ie: chargers, docking stations.... ipod, PDA, PS2, x-box ... etc. Would this account for a reasonably higher monthly bill? ...... man i love tech toys, but never took into consideration how much i would be spending to power them up..... has anyone seriously thought about that???
  2. im running on 800Mhz AMD duron ....... which considerably old..... this is the comp that i keep running all day...... today is the 2 1/2 day mark, and still running fine, i haven't decided if i want to keep it running everyday.... just occasionally a few days at a time.
  3. the monitor is not left on all night, so the cost is probably lower...... unless you leave your monitors on...
  4. is it bad to unplug the computer from the wall??? is there like some internal battery that is going to run the time off of ...... just wondering, because sometimes, i like to turn off my surge protector (switch) which has my pc on it.... -zero
  5. its only been on for a day right now, im in my upstairs room so i doubt that animal dander or whatever that stuff is, is really going to clog it up. Electric bill doesnt really concern me much, but does anybody know how many watts a computer consumes?!?! i hope this doesnt cost alot of money, because i dont want my parents to wonder why there bills are so high
  6. is it bad to leave your computer running night and day, for like 4 days? or should i power it off and let it rest??? i need to know .... -Zero
  7. so she..... breaks her brothers comp??? and this is somehow supposed to make her life better.....?? LMAO...... cybers WTH hahahaahahaaha
  8. wait you need internet first....... you have internet right???
  9. my GUNS are bigger than your pequeno guns......
  10. i did one of the tweaks, and my speed was going insanely fast, when i tested the internet spped on pcpitstop i was going allitle over 2 mbs when i used to be going 1.5 mbs...... but the only problem is when i go to any site, it take longer to load the page, put then in a couple of secs everything pops up really fast verse loading ....... idunno if i should keep the new values or not.... i reversed them already.... but i will try the tweak again........
  11. dude, the commercial........ WTH is this ~~~>
  12. i like trash idunno just thought you would like to see that asdf qwerty
  14. she is how old.........? 2, 3!??!!?!?
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