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  1. just tried a pit test on backup puter with same results. Hangs on checking signatures. Looks like a problem in the pit test program. Wish I'd done this before panic set in and implementing system restore, program reinstall, hair tearing and associated reactions. Sometime miss the good old days of the pit when the first suggested action was if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  2. You have snow that will soon melt. Try living in the NW mountains. Learn real fast that it insulates your house and the suffering begins with the meltoff in April.
  3. I had a similar question a few weeks ago in regards to getting a new hdd. Seems the majority of sites I visited placed more performance value on a single high capacity fast drive that you can partition or not, option up to you. I opted for a 160 Seagate 7200 x 8 and since it was replacing an old and slow original drive the performance jump was very noticeable. Uncached speed on pit tests also jumped dramatically. XP can apparently handle the single high capacity hard drives very effeciently.
  4. Just have to kick this dog again. With having clear type turned on will the performance hit carry over to gaming performance or does the 3d aspect apply here?
  5. Thanks, looks like another entry in my minor annoyance factor folder.
  6. Have noticed while playing with settings to improve pit scores that when clear type is implemented my vid scores take a noticeable hit (around 20 to 30%) and there is also a marginal loss of cpu speed. Is this normal and if so, is there a way to reduce impact on system?
  7. Save your settings now. Most everybody I know has fought tooth and nail to eliminate msn messenger from their respective systems to limited avail. You may have discovered the holy grail of how to kill the messenger forever.
  8. Found this item offered used on ebay, would it fit my Wildblue Satellite system? Linksys BEFW11S4 router with 2 WMP11 wireless pci cards
  9. Am ready to try networking - I think. Currently have two pc's sharing a single monitor with Satellite modem. Have installed new network cards in both (primary pc is set up as high perf gamer, other is my first pc refurbished with new mb etc and used as a backup) Have second monitor available. I have to switch Cat5 cables to modem to change puters. What equipment will I need to network these systems? Was prowling ebay and saw a PCI router card that supposedly bypasses the need for a separate router but in truth have no understanding about what I want to do. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks :help:
  10. could not pinpoint exact help I recieved but my fix was deleting the upper and lower filters in registry- HKEY Local Machine\system\control set 002\control\class I had to dig around for a long time (not regedit qualified) to find them but when I finally did delete them I regained drivers for cdr. Maybe somebody more qualified in registry modification can help pinpoint the exact location. If nothing else, I learned a lot about what goes in no mans land while looking for em and the fix worked.
  11. Just went thru the same thing two days ago on an older puter that I had formatted and got online but no cdr function. Googled the problem and it was a matter of deleting two items in registry to get functionality back. Am waiting for solution to current problem of my own but will log off and fire up the other sytstem to see if I can find where I went to find the solution.
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    Unplug any headphones if you have them connected
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