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    amd athlon 2500+Barton oc @2800, 60 gig hd.,9800XT , SBLive 5.1,XPsp2,combi dvd/cd-rw, 1280 ddr2700, custom cooling
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  1. Join the club. Been trying to keep up with these younger generation puter geeks ( I am going to regret this) for years and have built and burned a few whitebox specials thanks to my peers in the OC club. Had a lot of fun and learned some valuable lessons. Gonna be 64 soon and, like you, my ole 7 year old homebuild has seen better days. Did some comparison shopping, visited a lot of forums, and decided to order a custom build with Win 7 and ample power (also want to get my world score out of the basement ) Try this site, they are easy to work with and seem very competitive price wise. htt
  2. Don't think so. I've run the gamut of AV's over the years with no problem. I'm thinking my last Windows auto update but at this point it's just a wild guess. Have never had test problems before with two pc's in various configurations. Hopefully somebody will feel sorry for us and offer a cure.
  3. same here. Maybe a problem within the pit test program?
  4. Chris, I think its probably beyond that at this time. Been whiling the day away cause I'm snowed in so did some checking on the scary past. My first puter, the one in question, AMD 850, purchased about the time Columbus crossed the pond set me back close to $1000, a monthly payment I learned to live with forever it seemed.Then I got introduced to gaming and naturally became addicted and needed a bigger and badder pc. Purchased custom build 2500 Barton for around $600 and did some custom mod's to get it to where it is today. When I got this system the locals claimed every time I turned it o
  5. striker


    Any progress yet? Keeping an eye on this one as I have gone thru it before and am curious as to outcome. Coming up on good time of day to get some other ideas from more hardcores. Keep the faith, I have yet to be let down in the Pit even if the solution to the problem creates undo pain and excessive drinking.
  6. striker


    Maybe RAH can find something in the manual. It's this point in my malfunctions that panic starts to set in. If all else fails and you can still get to desktop, either in normal or safe mode, try running chkdisk. That has worked for me in the past. If all else fails you can always do a repair install. I'm presuming that you have run all your bug safeguards, ad aware, spybot, virus scan?
  7. striker


    Start - Run - Msconfig - ok, select startup option and shut down all applications if you have a bunch listed. If that helps on startup time then selectively enable startup on essential programs like your anti virus, etc. Leave the rest shut off, if your system needs them they will start on their own.
  8. Amen to that. Definitely would not recommend this update until they get the bugs out. Rendered my system nearly inoperable. Rolled back to 6 and
  9. Unless Vista is a completely different deal that xp you could probably get around buying another licence by installing on girlfriends system with your credentials. When validation is denied you should get an option to phone MS. A little sweet talk here goes a long way. Second installation is for backup purposes, current machine is dying of old age, plead ignorance. I've used the same copy of XP Home for a long time now and it has been installed and reinstalled more times than I like to remember on different systems and I've always suceeded in getting each installation validated.
  10. striker


    Anything not working can generally be fixed by going into device manager and disabling individual applications. When you reboot Windows will re install appropriate drivers. Also, if unsure in bios you can always select optimal settings to try to get back up and running as before.
  11. BIOSTAR M7MKA Slot A AMD Athlon K7 ATX Motherboard V1.0 This is the one I found on eBay that is nearly identical to my current board. Only difference is chipset, mine is VIA this one is AMD. This is a used board and I guess the price is right when there are so few options.
  12. striker


    When you get into bios make sure to update all settings since clearing cmos will generally put you back to minimum (safe) state.
  13. Major depression is rapidly setting in. Read bsowles link only to discover that my old tired system is the least of my problems. Seems my pride and joy new and updated go faster 2500 Barton, oc`d with 9800xt and a boatload of memory also hits the obsolete list. This keeping up with the Jones`s routine is rapidly getting out of my realm both financially and technically.
  14. "Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."
  15. striker


    Have you tried clearing CMOS? Good place to start.
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