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  1. ... what was odd I found, was that it worked with one RAM stick, and with 3, but not with two... :s All the RAM slots are the same colour. Regardless, I picked up some new Samsung RAM today... 3 Gig's worth, so I've doubled what I've had. I've also not had one single error message, BSoD, or system hang, so it appears that it was entirely due to the RAM I'm gonna keep an eye on things, and carefully check up on any future error messages, but I think I can count this as resolved now. Thanks for all the advice and support guys.
  2. Hi again, Here's a new turn of events. I discovered that the RAM I have in my old PC is exactly the same as the stuff in the PC which I'm currently trying to fix, as detailed above... It's only a Gig, but I thought it would at least help me get things sorted (Windows installations, etc) until I'd been able to pick up new RAM. I took out the sticks, and put them both into the newer computer and turned it on. I saw the BIOS screen, and the memory test, and then nothing happened. It just hung on the memory test. The odd thing is, if I just put one stick in, it's fine and continues as normal. I've tried both sticks separately and they seem fine. Does anyone have any idea as to why they won't allow the computer to load when they're in together? If I were to go out tomorrow and buy 3 new sticks of RAM, what are the chances that they would allow my computer to work when I turn it on? Thanks in advance...
  3. Aah, I should have known something was amiss the first time I was trying to install XP and got a BSoD during the installation with an error message relating to memory I'll pick up my new RAM and should hopefully be back on in no time. Thanks for the help
  4. Ok, I downloaded both SeaTools and Memtest and made bootable CDs with them. SeaTools found no errors on either of my hard-drives. Memtest was a different matter however. During test 2 and 6, 8 different errors showed up. Always in the same memory address. I can't remember exactly but it was always something like either: 000blahblah 1034.8 Mb or 000blahblah 624.3 Mb When it was going through test 8 I stopped it because it had already taken 50 minutes, it was only 14% done in total, and I was tired and wanted to go to bed. I guess this means I have some problems with my RAM. I'll happily go out and buy 3 new sticks this weekend (I'd rather replace it entirely than try to figure out which stick(s) is/are broken). What I'd like to know however, before I do this, is: Is it really possible for this to be the reason for my problems? I realise that faulty RAM can cause BSoD and error messages, but is it really possible for bad RAM to cause systems files on the hard drive to become corrupted during normal use/startup/shutdown etc? Thanks in advance
  5. I should be able to reinstall Windows tonight (unless I can get it fixed) and will then do exactly that Will post again tomorrow with what happened.
  6. Thanks for your reply Doug. I hadn't actually seen that page, but the page I was looking at had a few similar steps (although a less thorough "fixboot" step). Unfortunately however the hal.dll isn't the current problem. It's the SYSTEM file or folder from under c:\windows\system32\system From my googling, it appears to be something registry related I've managed to find my Windows install disc (again :'() So I'm going to have another bash tonight. I suspect that it will be another reformat though because I get a message saying "error in directory enumeration" when trying to view the directory listing in the C: drive in the windows setup repair console, suggesting perhaps that there's something there which is corrupting or otherwise messing up my system files during startup or shutdown.
  7. I would recommend trying to rollback Windows to an earlier date by using Windows System Restore (if you have it enabled...). You can do this in Safe Mode and that should resolve the problem... at least, it did for when I had a similar problem once
  8. Hi there, I recently purchased a second hand computer from a friend of mine. To get it all working, I picked up a new PSU, installed my old 250gig HDD from my original PC and formatted it all up, installed Windows, installed all the drivers, and away I went. It was originally working ok, I was getting a few BSoD from time to time, but at least I could turn it on and use it. The BSoD became more frequent. Pretty much every time I turned it on I would get one, which could only be resolved by restarting in Safe mode and using System Restore to go back to a few days before. The other night, I put it to hibernate as I normally do, and went to sleep. Went to work the next day, and when I came back I receive a message that Windows cannot start because hal.dll is missing. I followed some online instructions on how to resolve this. One of the items being to do a new Windows installation over the top, which would act so as to repair it. I tried this, but when I'm going through the Windows installation process it says the "Volume on drive C: is unknown, and will have to be formatted before Windows can be installed on it". I turn the computer off and take it apart. I remove all unnecessary hardware (TV card etc), check all connections and everything is fine. I put it all back together and then start to reinstall Windows. This goes through without a hitch. It's back to normal, it's working. I proceed to install all my software and drivers. Naturally, this requires a number of restarts, which are carried out successfully. I disable write-behind caching on both drives (in case this may be a cause). I put it into hibernate and go to bed. When I turn it on again, surprise surprise... The hard-drive seems corrupt again or something... This time I receive a message (which I can't remember exactly but is something like this): Windows cannot start because the file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SYSTEM is missing or corrupted. Please re-install this file from an alternative source. Perhaps some other useful information: I'm almost always using Hibernate instead of Shut Down. I have 2 HDDs and I have correctly verified that the IDE cable on my HDDs and the jumper switch thing is properly set to identify the Master and the Slave. S.M.A.R.T is disabled on both HDDs, but I can find no option in the BIOS to enable it. I haven't yet been able to try cycling through the RAM sticks to see if there's a faulty stick in there. I have reinstalled Windows multiple times, and removed all unneccessary hardware (TV card etc), as well as checking all connections inside the PC. I have also disabled Write-behind caching on the Windows drive. None of these have made a difference. I have made no changes recently, besides buying a new monitor which obviously wouldn't affect the system itself. Operating system: Windows XP Pro SP3 System specs: AMD 3200 64+ processor Nvidia Motherboard 1.5 Gig RAM (Not sure of exact specs here) ATI Radeon X800 gpu 1 x 120 Gig HDD (slave) 1 x 250 Gig HDD (master) 2 x DVD RW drives Thanks for any help in advance guys, I sure hope someone can help me out. I don't want to bother wasting another 3 hours getting everything back to normal and reinstalling just for it to mess up again, and any help would be really appreciated.
  9. Ah, ok.I prefer HTML. There's something very clean and raw about it. I did have more PHP until I had to take it offline. Boo. Anyone know of any Windows server hosts? I could use ColdFusion then
  10. Who said I only programmed in basic HTML???I don't think I ever did. PHP? It's a hobby of mine I'm a hardcore PHP obsessive in training... No, just kidding, I just have a basic grasp. I've got some scripts which utilise GD / imageMagick to create dynamic images... if you asked me to make a specific image like that... well, I'd have a good stab but probably wouldn't succeed. Basic HTML! Poo. I'm insulted. Have you seen my XSL stylesheet? I'm currently working on utilising sablotron to send back HTML server-side instead of all the formatted XML. Basic HTML.... I'm speechless. -Edit- I'm not really insulted... Let's not have a row here
  11. firekracker... there's many uses for dynamic images... one of which is, say, having a picture on your website which automatically updates according to what song you're listening to in a media player, like as shown at the bottom of the front page here: http://www.mikeserieys.co.uk
  12. No it's not. You simply use the GD function of PHP, or imageMagick. It can be easily done as long as you understand the concepts of GD... and suPHP isn't installed on your server I can't do it anymore
  13. Oh, are we talking about the php code in the actual image? Oh... erm... is that cool? Erm, I'd have to say not actually. It is intrusive I agree, but it's very handy when you're doing certain things in PHP and you can get a whole selection of user data simply by writing HTTP_USER_AGENT or whatever... as well as the security issues of it... people perhaps using stolen credit cards to access porn or something... you'll have their IP logged I've got that on my site... Hehe try visiting a password protected directory and you'll a notice logging your IP. It then says have a nice day My way of a joke.
  14. I think I'm missing something... Why is it cool?
  15. Count yourself lucky. Mine's fairly constant around 60
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