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  1. Hi jacem5, You could give THIS PROGRAM a try. I doubt it will do anything for your vid card if that is the problem. As far as it is concerned, have a look in Device Manager & check it out. You can access Device Manager by going to START>>>Right Click MY COMPUTER>>>Click on PROPERTIES>>>HARDWARE>>>DEVICE MANAGER. Regards, Hawk
  2. Yes, that is correct. Uninstall them one at a time & reboot. Run the test again & you will see if your uncached speed has increased. Did you check the programs that are running which may also be the cause of low uncached speed coupled with the low RAM you are using? Regards, Hawk
  3. Sometimes it will increase your uncached speed. If you uninstall one at a time, Windows will reinstall on reboot. Read THIS THREAD. Regards, Hawk
  4. Hi Usually your upload speed is blocked by your firewall so I would suggest you disable it before testing & enable after testing. You do not have enough memory for XP. I would suggest you add a stick of 256MB giving you a total of 512MB. Go back to your Summary & click on "Test Details" in upper right corner. Scroll down to the blue/gray Files & you will see these: Name Vendor Complete File Name WAOL.EXE America Online, Inc. C:\Program Files\America Online 9.0a\waol.exe Sun Java Update Sun Microsystems, Inc. C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin\jusched.exe RealPlayer RealNetworks, Inc. C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\RealPlay.exe Intel Hotkeys Intel Corporation C:\WINNT\system32\hkcmd.exe AOL Services America Online, Inc. C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\1102815759\ee\AOLSoftware.exe Indexing Service Microsoft Corporation C:\WINNT\system32\cidaemon.exe Indexing Service Microsoft Corporation C:\WINNT\system32\cisvc.exe AOL LLC C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLAcsd.exe Compete, Inc. C:\Program Files\Consumer Input Rewarded with ... \ConsumerInputRewardedwithMyPoints,ConsumerInput.exe Compete, Inc. C:\Program Files\Consumer Input Rewarded with ... \ConsumerInputRewardedwithMyPoints,ConsumerInputUa.exe Zone Labs, LLC C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe Click on each one & you will be offered advice as to whether or not it should be running. To increase you uncached speed, you could try the following: Try removing the Disk Controller in Device Manager. To do this, go into Control Panel/ System/ Hardware tab/ Device Manager. Find the controller (It's usually going to be under "IDE ATA controllers" ) right click it and Uninstall. Then reboot. There are usually three, so start with primary. You will have to reboot & run the test again to see if the uncached speed increased. Windows will reinstall each controller. Let us know how you get along please. Regards, Hawk
  5. You are very welcome tomh943. Happy it worked out for you. Regards, Hawk
  6. Hi tomh943, Welcome to the Pit. Might give the following a try. To view ActiveX that is installed on your computer, go to Tools/Internet Options/General Page. Click on "Temporary Internet Files (Settings)"/View Objects. Any that are "Unknown or Disabled", right click & click update. If that does not work, delete. You could also try using the Debugging Options. I think "Skip checking Disk Health" may be the appropriate one. Let us know please. Regards, Hawk
  7. http://cgi.ebay.ca/1GB-PC3200-400MHZ-184-p...1QQcmdZViewItem
  8. If you didn't pass the ActiveX test, you could try the following. To view ActiveX that is installed on your computer, go to Tools/Internet Options/General Page. Click on "Temporary Internet Files (Settings)"/View Objects. Any that are "Unknown or Disabled", right click & click update. If that does not work, delete Regards, Hawk
  9. Hi tallin, Try this ACTIVE X TEST. Click on the gold bar at the top of the page to load the ActiveX. Regards, Hawk
  10. I use this small freeware program called ChangeIcon & find it works great. Regards, Hawk
  11. To run System File Checker, you require the "XP Installation CD". It will not work with a System Recovery CD. To run SFC (If you have the installation CD) click on START. Next click on RUN. Type in sfc /scannow & click ok. SFC will then start to run & will prompt you to insert the Installation CD in your CD Drive. If it opens, click Exit & you will be back to SFC. It takes a few minutes to run. BTW, have you checked the free space on Local Disk C? You can do this by clicking START, then left click My Computer >>>Right click Local Disk C>>>>Properties & it will show you how much of free space you have. It should not be under 25% of your HDD. Have you cleaned up the junk files & defragged with a defragger other than the on ones? If so, I can give you links to some freeware ones that are much better. Regards, Hawk
  12. You could try "System File Checker". You need the XP Installation CD to run it. From Start>>>Run & type sfc /scannow then click ok. Note the space between c & /.
  13. Hi simmo123, We have a special Forum for reading HijackThis logs by qualified Members. Please go HERE. Click the top "Pinned" link. Regards, Hawk
  14. Hawk

    how do i

    Apology accepted Sir T. As you are no doubt aware, I rarely post in PD or GD so I have not observed "Trolling". I would take it to mean "Baiting"? If that is the case, I do not think a Mod or Admin should troll a Member just to rile that Member to a point where they would post something extreme enough to get them banned. After all, Mods & Admins are also Members & the same rules apply to them as to other Members. At least, that's the way I see it.
  15. Hawk

    how do i

    I said I thought it a bit extreme as you so readily pointed out. Does that statement need clarification? I have no ulterior motives as you suggest nor will I make a judgment as to who was right or wrong. I think it is a situation where BB & volt need to work out a compromise if such a thing exists. Further, I do take offense at you even suggesting that I had ulterior motives!
  16. Hawk

    how do i

    I didn't say I agreed with Admins on the thread referred to as I had not read it until now. At least I think it is the correct thread. http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=137673 If this is the thread, I think banning was a bit extreme but that is not my call.
  17. Hawk

    how do i

    Care to elaborate?
  18. Hawk

    how do i

    Have to agree with IG. Rules are not made to be broken but rather, adhered to. In this case, I did not read the thread where BB was banned so I cannot comment on it. No matter what the reason is, I do not believe in posting vulgarity. Most of the Mods & Admins are Friends of mine & I believe them to be as fair as possible with all Members. In some cases, they will give Members quite a lot of latitude before stepping in. IMHO, I think they do a really good job! Regards, Hawk
  19. RegSeeker is a handy tool for managing several popular registry items and searching the registry by keyword. It offers quick access to Startup Entries, Uninstall Information, Color Schemes, History items (URLs, Recent Documents etc) and IE Favorites. The program also includes a registry cleaning feature that finds invalid and unused registry entries, allowing you to delete them. RegSeeker can automatically create a backup before deleting any registry entries. The program comes with an attractive, easy to use interface. Nevertheless it is not intended for complete beginners and you should feel comfortable working with the Windows registry before using it.
  20. I have been using RegSeeker for a long time & find it excellent. It is freeware. Regards, Hawk
  21. Hi dontworryaboutit, Welcome to the Pit. Did you run a "WhoIs" on the addresses you listed. I think if you did, you will find they are not from PC Pitstop. PC Pitstop's IP address, I will send a PM to an Administrator about your concern who would be in a better position to clarify what is happening. Regards, Hawk
  22. Go to the start of your summary & click on each of these: Customized Tune-up Tips • Upgrade disk space (Drive C) • Check IE Restricted Sites zone • Unusually low memory performance • Adjust IE browser cache size • Check background programs
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