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  1. You're confused.....ya ain't alone terry. Don't think I ever saw a hjt log that big. I better get outta this Forum before Jacee catches me.... Regards, Hawk

  3. Well heck caintry_boy, I just finished a puter of my own. Last of the M$ updates installed. I've been working on it for two days. Since we are posting in this thread, where did dave & some of the other Admins & Mods go? A lot of them haven't been here for more than a year according to the Admin/Mod list. Regards, Hawk
  4. I just checked the "Most posts board" & found I was # 1. I made two posts!!! What is happening? To get to # 1 when I was active, it would take 18 to 20 posts in a day. Hard to believe that there aren't Users out there that need help. There has to be a lot more problems than what I am seeing....Win 7 & Win 8 & soon Win 8.11. Regards, Hawk
  5. Been here since 2004 but stopped posting awhile ago because of other things happening in my life. Not sure why there aren't as many Users requesting help now. I wonder if they are just a bit smarter these days than they were when I was here on a regular basis? Just passing through but it was sure a nice visit! Take care all.... Hawk
  6. Hawk


    Should have looked me up. Would have been good to see ya. Hope you are well yourself!
  7. Hawk


    Thanks for the welcome guys! Just thought I would drop in from time to time. Good to hear from you Y & also caintry_boy. Best regards, Hawk
  8. Hawk


    Is this the same PC Pitstop I used to help Newbies on? It sure has changed...for the better....not sure about that. Oh well, I guess they call it progress! Regards, Hawk
  9. OK...You may find something that will help HERE. Regards, Hawk
  10. The following may help to explain virtual memory & how to set it up. Page/Swap File Regards, Hawk
  11. Just a though but did you try AOL? AOL HELP Regards, Hawk
  12. Could give this program a try in you can download. It should tell you the info you need. SIW (System Information for Windows) Hope it helps. Regards, Hawk
  13. Good one Pal....didn't have that one...Thanks! Regards, Hawk
  14. Hi Scott, I checked your Profile but nothing is listed for your O/S. Could you please advise the O/S you are running plus the version of IE you are using. You can find the version by clicking on HELP at the top of the page & click on "About Internet Explorer". Yhe test is designed for IE but some Users can use Firefox by READING AND APPLYING THIS. Let us know please. Regards, Hawk
  15. I run versions 1.1. & 2.0. Some programs require 1.1 & some newer ones require 2.0. Read about .NET FRAMEWORK. Of course, if you want, you don't have to run any. Regards, Hawk
  16. Actually I think there are two updates for .NET Framework v1.1. If you are going to run it, I would suggest you D/L both. I think you may also need v2.0 plus updates as some programs will not run without it...same for v1.1. Hope this helps some. Regards, Hawk
  17. Hawk

    More XP Themes

    Hi Adamsappleone, I hope you weren't serious. Those are Google ads.....
  18. Hi RTBrooks, Welcome to the Pit. I would suggest you have a look at these links: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic70127.html http://www.2-viruses.com/smitfraudfix-tutorial.html The following link was posted as a fix for Fixwareout: 07/29/2004 Click this link & scroll down to XP_FIX.EXE http://www.visualtour.com/downloads/default.asp XP_FIX.EXE (140 Kb) This installaton program will reinstall the missing or corrupt Windows XP system files command.com, autoexec.nt and config.nt. The absence or corruption of one or more of these files causes a "16 Bit Subsystem" error. We recommend that you download this file and save it to your desktop or to another location where you can find it. Double click on the file to run it once it's downloaded. If problem reoccurs in the future, simply re-run this program. I have never used it so I can't comment on how good it works. Let us know how you get along please. Regards, Hawk
  19. Although I always try to install the correct type, speed & amount of RAM per slot in my machines, I guess I am wrong in doing that so I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out Wademan.
  20. I am just wondering if Crucial said 512MB per slot & a total of 1024MB?
  21. Sorry! Should have asked that in the first place. TCP Receive Window size and is recommended only for cable modem or DSL users running Windows XP. Not for dialup. According to the test: Total RAM slots 2 RAM module size 512 MB RAM installed 1280 MB
  22. Be very careful doing this: This manual adjustment changes the TCP Receive Window size and is recommended only for cable modem or DSL users running Windows XP. To change your TCP Receive Window size: Launch window registry editor by clicking on Start | Run . Click in the Open dropdown box and type in regedit.exe then click OK . Back up your registry by selecting File | Export type in a meaningful file name, in the export range section select All and save to your hard drive. To restore your old registry you simply import this file. Next you need to create a new registry key. On the left side you need to go to the directory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters Select Edit | New | DWORD Value . Rename the new registry key to TcpWindowSize. Modify the registry setting for TcpWindowSize by double clicking on the key. Change the Base Setting to Decimal. Enter the value 64240 and click OK, then exit RegEdit. For these settings to take effect you need to close all your open applications and reboot your system. Did you check with Crucial as to the type, number of pins & speed before you installed the 1024MB of RAM? This is how it appears in your test: RAM installed 1280 MB Windows RAM 1271 MB Total RAM slots 2 Available RAM slots 0 Max RAM module size 512 MB Memory Type 256+1024;DIMM,?18,|Synchronous;T16 Speed Rating 5019 MB/s (92% of 1738 similar) Regards, Hawk
  23. To find the type & speed of RAM you need, I would suggest you run a scan with the Crucial System Scanner. That does not mean you have to purchase from Crucial. Could give eBay a try. Regards, Hawk
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