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  1. Is you O/S XP & your browser IE? Also, are you downloading updates or patches? For XP you should be on http://www.v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.comLook for "Critical" patches. Hawk
  2. Right on Hulk! I had to reformat awhile ago and was trying to get Norton updated but kept getting knocked off line. Did some backdoor tricks and got it updated. First thing it picked up was W32.Welchia worm. Got tool & fixed it. When you get back on line, get some Av & spyware/adware programs. I can suggest some like Ad-Aware,Spybot S&D & Spysweeper for spyware/adware & Zone Alarms or Tiny Personal FW for firewalls. If you want to have a look at this site, it has a lot of freeware programs http://www.webattack.com & links to other freeware sites. I'm sure some of the other members will offer you some other suggestions as well. Hawk
  3. I assume you are stating that you have auto updates enabled ? It appears something is blocking the update ie. firewall or spy program. Try going directly to Microsoft Windows Updates. I think you should also run and antivirus & adware program you have, in the event there might be something in your system. Hawk
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