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  1. Great advice nigsy! :)


    In my case Kurt, I was unable to find a Win7 installation disc so I bought a lappie with an OEM Win7 preinstalled. I find it very similar to Vista. :yikes:

    I ran the Win7 upgrader on my desktop but found it too expensive to upgrade & that is why I am thinking of changing the O/S to Linux.

    I plan to run XP on it for a bit after April/14 as there is nothing of value on the machine like passwords, pictures, etc.. These are aither burned to a CD or are on an external HDD. Also, I have SP3 & all Windows Updates burned on CD should I have to do a format & clean install down the road. It is a long process but can be done.


    I think at this stage, I will continue to run XP on the desktop with the live Linux Mint. If I get too much grief in April/14 I may just change to Linux & be done with it or a dual boot system like my old lappie.


    I know very little about Win8 or 8.1 except what I have picked up from reading other posts. From what I learned, I see no possibility of me ever using either one.


    Have a great Christmas guys!



    Hawk :b33r:


    "Cold in the North woods"

  2. Great post Juliet & others who added to it. I am running XP Pro on this machine but also have a live Linux disc as well. I have a dual boot on my old lappie with Linux Mint & Win XP Pro. My other lappie is running Win 7 Home Premium.


    Before April 2014, I may install Linux on the desktop I am using now. Not sure yet if I will make it dual boot or just run Linux.




    Hawk :b33r:


    "Cold in the North woods"

  3. This may not be new to a lot of XP Users but it worked for me. I was having a problem updating XP Pro at Windows Update as well as the Automatic Updates. At WU, it kept telling me that the ActiveX wasn't installed & there was no option to install it. The Automatic Updates kept running svchost.exe & maxing out my CPU so I had to shut both down.


    I used a work-around to find out what updates were missing by using Belarc Advisor. Once I found them, I started manually downloading & installing them. There were quite a few. I would check with WU every now & then & at one point was offered the ActiveX which I installed. I was then shown a "New" WU which I followed to here:




    Make sure you are using IE as default browser when you go there.


    I followed the instructions & installed ALL the "Critical" updates. Belarc now reports I have no updates missing. Worked for me. :)


    That's the way I see it anyhow. :P






    Hawk :b33r:

  4. Thanks Humblemoon...very interesting....now I can see if my plane in still in the sky. :mrgreen:


    I have a few other programs that I didn't list but I thought I would list a couple of Sites instead. One of the Sites I like best for freeware is http://www.freewarefiles.com/ . One of the Sites I detest is http://en.softonic.com/ because they insist on using their own downloader which is full of "Crapware".


    When I first started using WinXP, I didn't care for a desktop full of icons or the quick launch toolbar next to the Start button so I devised my own. It also worked in Vista & now I find, even Win7. I first make a folder I name ALL PGMS usually in My Documents. Next, I make other folders & name them Cleaners, Defraggers, System Info & so on. I put these folder in the ALL PGMS folder. After I install a right-click enhancer, I move the folder to Programs in Local Disk C. Next, I put all the desktop icons (Shortcuts) in the appropriate folder. Once I have them sorted & put an icon on each folder, I put a shortcut of ALL PGMS on my desktop. My desktop now has two icons plus my browsers. Makes a nice desktop. :)


    That's the way I see it anyhow. :P




    Hawk :b33r:

  5. I use a variety of small utilities on XP & I believe most worked with Vista (When I had it) & I have tried a few on Win7 without a problem. Have a look & see what you think. :)


    SIW (System Information for Windows): http://www.gtopala.com/
    Is a stand-alone utility & is portable.


    Atlantis Nova: http://www.atlantiswordprocessor.com/en/nova.htm

    Is a word processor if you don't want a whole suite.


    Auto Sizer: http://www.southbaypc.com/autosizer/
    This utility will resize pages to fit the Window.


    Boot Safe: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Boot-Manager-Disk/BootSafe.shtml
    Is a stand-alone utility that will boot to safe mode without going through BIOS.


    Change Icon: http://pmdevigne.free.fr/
    If you want to put an icon on a file.


    Easy Print Calendar: http://easy-print-calendar.en.softonic.com/

    This has many different formats that can be printed.


    E-Mail Stripper: http://emailstripper.en.softonic.com/
    Will remove >> on E-mails..Got it from firekraker


    Installed Program Printer: http://lib.giveawayoftheday.com/Installed_Program_Printer_110166/
    Will print or save all the programs listed in Programs on your computer.


    Print Folder: http://no-nonsense-software.com/freeware/

    Will print the contents of a selected folder.


    Pix Resizer: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Video/Video-Editors/PIXresizer.shtml

    Will resize pictures & photos to a location you specify.


    Webshots Desktop: http://www.freewarefiles.com/Webshots-Desktop_program_4519.html

    No longer Webshots but it will change wallpaper manually pluse has a 3 month calendar that fits in top right corner. It has to be modified to work this way.




    Hawk :b33r:

  6. Not much gets by Jacee. She already knows. If you do some checking you will see that the last time she recommended ATF was Aug of 2011.


    Two years ago.


    How time flies when you're having fun.



    Appears you are correct TomK...it was TFC not ATF. I rever used TFC before & it made me wonder at the time why she would ask a User to D/L & run ATF. I never found it that good when I first found it quite awhile ago. My apologies..... :yup:




    Hawk :b33r:

  7. Atribune abandoned his ATF (Atribunes Temp File cleaner) project years ago. It hasn't been updated in at least two years. I suggest caution using it. I suggest an alternative is OldTimers TFC (Temp File Cleaner). It's a little less aggressive (won't unilaterally delete all your cookies) but is more stable.


    Should let Jacee know TomK...I read in one of her posts where she suggested a User to download it. :mrgreen:


    Thanks for the update...Good to know. :)




    Hawk :b33r:


    PS...Think I will give TFC a try.

  8. I believe that next to protection, maintenance of your computer comes in second. If you don't maintain your computer, you will find it starting to get slower & slower. (See thread-Amazing). The following is a list of disk cleaners & defraggers & some programs have multi-tools besides these ...most notably registry cleaners. If you run one, please make sure that the program has a Backup/Restore function or it will set a System Restore point. The Disk Cleaners & Defraggers are pretty well straight forward. (I know...NOT for Linux Peeps :mrgreen: ).


    CCleaner or Crap Cleaner is a disk cleaner & also a registry cleaner (With backup & restore) plus a couple of other tools: http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/


    ATF Cleaup Utility is mainly a disk cleaner. Both it & CCleaner will clean Firefox as well:


    CleanUp! is mainly a disk cleaner: http://www.stevengould.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=15&Itemid=69

    360 Amigo System Speedup has multi programs so read the help file before running: http://www.360amigo.com/products/
    The freeware downloasd is on the left side of the page.


    Comodo System Utilities also has multi programs so read the help file before running.


    DisKeeper Lite is a defragger. If you download & run, put a check in the circle "To run with error". It still works like it should.: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/diskeeper_lite.html


    Auslogics Disk Defragger: http://www.auslogics.com/en/software/disk-defrag/download/


    O & O Defragger is slow & thorough. The slower a defragger runs, the better job it does. : http://www.oo-software.com/en/free/download.html


    There is a multitude of tools like this on the Net but these are the one I prefer. I have tested many over the years....some that gave me a lot of problems.


    I hope some or all of these FREEWARE programs are of assistance to you. :)




    Hawk :b33r:

  9. .


    It was just about 2 weeks ago that this happened. I didn't reformat the drive, I just reinstalled the new over the old.


    Hi tokia,



    I'm afraid this post is not going to help you much but doing an install over the old is not the best way to correct problems with your O/S. The proper way is to reformat & do a clean install. Of course, as you know, all will be erased on you C drive. That is where partitions, external HDDs, CDs/DVDs & backup come into play. When I format & do a clean install, I make sure My Documents & Favorites are either on a different partition or an external HDD. Now, there are programs like Paragon that will back up & restore a whole drive or partition.


    Sorry I can't help with you present problem but from reading the previous posts, you are in good hands. :mrgreen:




    Hawk :b33r:

  10. Today I have received a notification that my firewall on Vipre has been turned off. When I go to check it, there is a big red X next to it (normally there's a green checkmark) and the status of my firewall says Error. I tried turning it on and off again. That did not help. I googled and someone suggested opening command prompt and typing something in, resetting the computer, and checking the results but that didn't help. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried forums related to Sunbelt, the makers of Vipre, but no one has even viewed my post.


    I have a windows 8 64 bit. a day or two ago i updated to windows 8.1 (could this be what happened?)



    Hi nanibear,


    I don't run Win8 but your update to 8.1 could have caused it. Did you check to see if Vipre is compatatible with 8.1? Also, is it a retail program & if so, did you contact Sunbelt? If it is not, in XP I have done the old uninstall/reinstall trick that sometimes works.


    Just a suggestion... :)




    Hawk :b33r:

  11. I thought that today it would be good to post some backup programs so I am listing a few I have used:


    Driver Forge is a driver tool: http://www.freewarefiles.com/DriverForge_program_43369.html

    Driver Booster will check drivers on your system & provide updated downloads: http://www.iobit.com/driver-booster.php

    Double Driver is a backup/restore program: http://www.boozet.org/dd.htm

    Paragon Backup is a full system, partition & drive backup/restore plus will provide a boot disc: http://www.paragon-software.com/home/br-free/


    caintry_boy has a backup program for Win 7 which I will ask him to post.


    More to come...




    Hawk :b33r:

  12. KurtBleach asked that these be posted here:



    I won't be posting in it since I'm pretty sure it's close to 10 years since I ran Windows, but I'll throw a few things out in here.


    Antivirus: AVG http://free.avg.com/ca-en/homepage


    Firewall: ZoneAlarm http://www.zonealarm.com/security/en-us/zonealarm-pc-security-free-firewall.htm



    Media Player: Winamp http://www.winamp.com/media-player/all




    Hawk :b33r:

  13. I am hoping this thread will continue for some time & other Members will start posting links to freeware programs they like & continue to use. I hope that new Members & Visitors will find some programs here that they are not aware of & will be of use to them. So, fellow Members, let's see those links!


    The following is not what I intended to post today but I have used the program for a long time & after trying several others, I found it to be the best freeware Antivirus I have tried.


    Avast 2014 Antivirus: http://www.avast.com/index


    A little added protection when browsing:


    Web Of Trust: http://www.mywot.com/

    IE Privacy Keeper (Works with Firefox as well) http://www.browsertools.net/IE-Privacy-Keeper/

    KeyScrambler: http://www.snapfiles.com/get/keyscrambler.html

    Please Note: When installing some freeware software it may be bundled with crapware so as you install the program, read each page & uncheck anything you don't want. They are sometimes hidden & the best way to uncheck them is to use the "Advanced" installation.




    Hawk :b33r:

  14. I have been testing freeware programs for quite a few years & I am going to post some of the ones I kept. I have used them & they work. In some case you may have to uncheck unwanted programs during setup.


    The first program (Partition Assistant) will not only partition drives but will also resize them & merge them to name just a little what it does. There is more on the Site here:




    I will be posting more in this thread from time to time.





    Hawk :b33r:

  15. Hi me82,


    Y is more experienced at reading a log file than I am but this is the definition of PUP:



    A PUP (potentially unwanted program) is a program that may be unwanted, despite the possibility that users consented to download it. PUPs include spyware, adware, and dialers, and are often downloaded in conjunction with a program that the user wants.

    The term was created by McAfee, the Internet Security company, because marketing firms objected to having their products called "spyware": in the view of such firms, all the information necessary for informed consent is included in the download agreement. It is widely recognized, however, that many if not most users fail to read a download agreement in sufficient detail to understand exactly what they are downloading.

    McAfee differentiates PUPs from other types of malware, such as viruses, Trojans, and worms, which can be safely assumed to be unwanted by the user.

    Personally, I would have taken the same action you took....delete them. :mrgreen:
    Hawk :b33r:
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