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  1. HI, I,ve been having ongoing problems with my PC for some time, which I think are due to Windows file corruption. I have tried several fixes, including sfc/scannow and chkdisk, as well as tweeking.com. I came here to see if anyone can help me. I thought I'd run the free scans offered here first, but nothing happens when I try to run them.( Adblock and antivirus turned off) I have also tried to run a desktop re-install of W7, but I can't even get the DVD to launch. An iso copy of W7 is not recognised as an iso. Other applications, browsers office etc all run fine. thanks in advance
  2. thanks Dabwid, I really liked the bleeping Computer site. What a great list of tools. Also very useful was the spyware warriors list. :beer: BTW, they say (spywarewarriors) that Noadware has cleaned up its act and is now not on the blacklist. It seemed to un-install correctly for me.
  3. thanks dabwid Another question, have you ever heard of a program called "NoAdware"? www.noadware.net/ It purports to provide a reliable scan/removal of malicious programs. I thought Id try it, so I downloaded the free scan program, did the scan and of course it came up with 3 or 3 "dangerous" programs installed, particularly "backdoor.netsnake" apparently a trojan that emails your passwords and urls to an intruder, according to thier definition. Scary stuff But of course, to remove this program, you have to buy thier product $29.95 I ran hijackthis, but couldf find no reference to this trojan, and no other scanners have picked it up. What do you think? is this a scam? I get the feelong that most of the commercial spyware removers are as bad as the stuff they say they are protecting against. By the way, I checked all the registry entries and dlls listed by "pest scan" for the Spector program, and could find no evidence of it. I therefore must assume that this is another false alarm. Surprised because I considered "Spywareinfo/X-Cleaner" to be a trusted source. Cheers, DT
  4. HI, can anyone help me with this? I suspect that Spector pro has been installed on my pc. How do I detect and remoce it. I have´'t been able to find any of the associated dlls witha normal file search, but my weekly spywareinfo scan has told me that it is installed! After I click the remocve it option, the next scan shows it as still present. Very stealthy! DT
  5. Hi Remo It was the ISP guy who told me to re-instal IE as he tested the line and said it was fine. Since then Ive done numerous speed tests and half the time I get 200+ kbps the other half 20-30 kbps. I've now re-installed IE (gone back to IE5 and un-installed a number of NT patches that had accumulated. There is definitely an improvement. Now I get some reall fast surfing for a few minutes, then it goes back to achingly slow. I have now decided that the problem has some other cause, as the CPU/Process monitor shows 100% CPU usage during these slow periods. I have another thread going in general user to user forum, (CPU/Processes/memory) and it has been suggested that there may be some hijack programs running. I feel that your comment about times of day is also valuable. I think the ISP hides behind a smokescreen when they pretend to guarantee 250 kbps. Thanks for your help. http://www.dslreports.com/tools this looks like a really useful site
  6. Thanks for your tips, Akoke, yes I have used spybot, its great and it detected several spyware programs for me. Ive done a great clean up job with it, but it hasn't cured the problem. I have also used diskeeper to fix all the fragmentation, and then another program to tidy up the registry. But it still hasn't fixed this problem. The problem is really slow browsing As I said, I have ADSL which should give me 250 Kbps give or take. When doing speed tests, I get 3 good results then 1 at 20 kbps or something stupid like that. email connection is bad as well and I can only send data at 2-3 kbps. That seems to be more consistently bad by the way. Here are my pcpitstop test results: My Results I am running Microsoft Small Business Server 4.5 on NT I have tried to uninstall IE, but when I try the only option I get is; complete install/repair/or add components. If I try to uninstall Small Business Server The only option that appears is to install. I think that since I've tried every conceivable clean up that the only real course of action is to re-install IE somehow or change the OS
  7. I am at a loss, I need a techy to sort me out. Internet connection is rubbish, even though I have ADSL. Thje line is OK, its the PC. I have been told to re-install IE, but how can you do that? I´d be very grateful if someone can help me out here. D Taverner
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