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    amd xp2800+ 1024ddr ram, 80gig hd geforce 4 ti4600
  1. Obviously the sooner the better please :-).. I already have disk MD, exterminate, optimise and driver alert so other than taking advantage of this discount there really is no reason to buy this, but I'd like to do it now if possible..
  2. Hello :-) I've received 2 emails with this discount but when I tried to buy it I have the coupon code pcmatic2009 too which gave me a CODE 3 error.. fail. So I've come onto the website and I'm downloading the scan now, when I come to buy it what code will i need to use to get the discount?? Please.. it's 6:15pm on 30/11/09 now.. in the UK anyway :-)
  3. here's mine with an e6600 http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NBP9PWRS4KJSDY8C
  4. ok... well, I o/clocked my card , stage by stage until it messed up, so i went back and I've settled at 320 and 700 as apposed to the default of 300 and 650.... I've also run pc3d mark 2001 and got a score of 11,500 . Now I've just tested again on here and my video performance is still only 119mbs where others perform at over 300... so I'm still stumped that 3d mark test was at 1024 x 768 32 bit and also set to maximum performance rhather than quality, with no aa's or anistropic... any answers please????? Warren
  5. ohhh I see, well unfortunately i have a flat screen and max res on this is 1280 by 1024 so thats that .... I'll have a look at the o/cocking site though thanks
  6. oh.. and par4??? how on earth do you get a score of 1700+ I only get 1270 ish yet I seem to have better hardware etc except for graphics.... help me out please
  7. max out my resolution?? You've lost me there,, my res is set at 32 bit true colour... sorry I'm not all that techy.. not completely stupid though so if you coulkd keep it a little simple I'll get by thanks
  8. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...CLZAWLHDP0S7093 sorry, i forgot to post this tech express link.. maybe that will help?? Thanks Warren
  9. hello, I notice my video card performs at 49% of that of other users with the same card I have the latest drivers installed and xp2800+ cpu with 1024mb ddr ram.... I can't work it out... I have a leadtek winfast a250 ultra geforce 4 ti4600 and get 120 mbs... the average is at least double and plenty seem to be running at about 331mbs.... anyone help please?
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