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  1. I just oc the hell out of them, then drop back a little. My gts450 850/1700 is @ 970/1850 stable with A3 smp also. I like evga presicision better, though you do have voltge conftrol with msi on some cards.
  2. Whats all your settings? We'll figure it out, have to get you back to folding.
  3. Just OC it some more. This weekend I'm putting my Q on an XFX 750i, and trying out 450/250 until I get another 450. Never used a nvidia board before, hope they OC ok. My experience is limited to Soyo, Abit, Asus. All intel boards. I'll be looking for help advice, from you pros. Then I'll put my E6300 on the P5Q pro. I know it will go over 4 on air. Anyone ever use one of these, can't afford full water. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835227006
  4. NO problem BC. Just DL the console client from here:http://folding.stanford.edu/English/DownloadWinOther Bottom GPU client 6.23. Extract it in a folder (GPU), replace the exe file, and send to desttop or run it. During set up , do not lock cpu cores to gpu. new console client exe:http://www.stanford.edu/~friedrim/[email protected]_console
  5. Make sure you have the latest drop in exe http://www.stanford.edu/~friedrim/[email protected]_systray Dont forget to remove the systray before replacing it. Im using the console version, GTS 450 = 9468 6806
  6. As long as they can they will. Some of them were borked from what I have read. Hope that it wasn't to many. Well I'm back, all I got out of it was a big hand full of stitches. Moving on to stage three, or four, or whatever. The newest fermi Wus (6806), don't seem to bad. Wish they would run better on lesser cards though. This is the 6800, should be the same: Project ID: 6800 Core: OPENMMGPU Credit: 1298 Frames: 100 Name: GT240 Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\[email protected]\GPU1\ Number of Frames Observed: 20 Min. Time / Frame : 00:04:09 - 4,503.9 PPD Avg. Time / Fram
  7. OK, my turn for vacation. Back into the hospital for another operation. Hope to be back by Christmas. No ones around, so if things stop, don't worry. This ones an aortic bypass, to get some blood to by liver and kidneys. Hopefully help out the legs some too. I see you when I get back. Take up the slack, if the machines get shut down.
  8. Heck. Just come down here ffr2. Day one - About a 6 or 7 pound red fish. Day two - About 10 or 12 pound snook. Day three - About a 70 pound tarpon. Then we'll go fishing. Let me know when your ready.
  9. I hate to lose points too. But its not a big deal. (Passed you terry) I just get PO'd with the way the run things. They have a flunky server, bad core/client, etc, and its all your machines fault. For two hours or better, they kept saying, "There is nothing wrong at this end". Then VJ comes back, Oh, looks like there might be a little problem. Then, yep its borked, and all work during that time is lost. Its been going on for a month now, with different servers. (PS3, SMP bigadv, ATI GPU, Nvidia GPU) I know PG is a group of sciencetist. But I would fire every one of th
  10. FANS? You are supposed to power them? I thought you just put them at the top and let the heat out. They spin, though rather slowly. HHhhhmmmm. I'll have to check up on that. Think thats why its 95 in here?
  11. I never tried H2O on computers. But in all other operations I have used it, I would worry about any air bubbles. They don't have bleeder valves for them?
  12. I did three. Just about the time I passed lep, and took out after terry. W-T-F Teeaamm!!
  13. Battlefield 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2. I started with Battlefield 1942, and fell in love with BF2. BFBC2 is ok, but I don't like some of the game styles. And I hate steam.
  14. Way to go. Thanks CB. Were all great folders on the pit team. How's them cards play games Guns? I still play a little BF2/BFBC2. Still prefer BF2, I guess its more my speed. Hhmm, now if I can just figure out, why the frig, won't nuke my coffee?
  15. Oh! CB! Come on man, your to young to have a mind like mine. Unless its rubbing off on everyone.
  16. There are a bunch of places. Here's one: http://www.microdirect.co.uk/Home/Search/Components/Motherboards/?attribute_value_string%7cProcessor+Socket=LGA775+(Socket+T) Or check on this page: http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/topic/114745-shopping-sites/
  17. Just kidding UF. Its already slated to be donated to a vet family, so the kids have something to play with. Waiting for the W7's to come in tomorrow. Ran out of XP, and MS won't give us any new licenses. But the egg has 3 W7 home for 125. Time for
  18. Better get some drivers. They sure scale terrible there. Can't hardly beat the 6870 CF to SLi. Definitely not worth an extra 5 or 6 bills.
  19. Uncle, I got just the thing for you. How about an Abit IS7. Never been OC'd. Built it for a old VFW pal. Got it back, and its just sitting there. Has a 2.8E on it. My old AGP card finally bit the dust. 9600XT, was a great BF2 card back in its day.
  20. Guns we aren't knocking the 460s. Nice of you to fold with with your gamer. The games I play, I don't need much, and the 250 or 450 will handle them If I was to build a gamer now, I wouldn't fold with it, because it would have the 6850s in it, because AMD sks folding. I played with a friends machine the other day. It kicks A.
  21. Yeah, UF. I have been playing with mine. [email protected] - GTS [email protected] shaders - GT [email protected] shaders [email protected] - GTS [email protected] shaders I think thats about it.
  22. This is the one I have, I think UF got them too. Its runs really cool, seems to OC great. I can't look at it right now, but IIRC at 950/1900 auto fan at around 50% it 55C and 14K +. Right now mine is 975/1950, for two days. Running on a [email protected] doing SMP/A3 for a total of 17K +. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127521
  23. Yep, thats for sure Tex. But it might be to late. I've got mine tweak a little better. Name: GTS450 Path: \\HOME-45361BB70A\[email protected]\ Number of Frames Observed: 82 Min. Time / Frame : 00:00:50 - 15,984.0 PPD Avg. Time / Frame : 00:00:50 - 15,984.0 PPD Cur. Time / Frame : 00:00:50 - 15,984.0 PPD R3F. Time / Frame : 00:00:50 - 15,984.0 PPD All Time / Frame : 00:00:50 - 15,984.0 PPD Eff. Time / Frame : 00:00:50 - 15,984.0 PPD Look out Lep and Terry, I'm coming to get you.
  24. Thats good UF. SO whats the PPD? The only issue I have right at this moment, is dropping into 2D clocks. Does it out of the clear blue, I think its a driver issue with the new low power garbage. So far can't find anything to help turn it off. Going to do a new install shortly, so I am not going to worry a lot. Later
  25. We'll get it UF. Give evga a try. I am using it now. No voltage control, but I just like it a little better.
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