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  1. Well as per AC, no they are not. But it seems that while they got someone to make the longer SLI bridge, not the CF. I know there were some made, that shipped with the DFI UT X48 T3RS, but I can't find any. Anyone use that board?
  2. I put ARCTIC COOLING ACCELS1 Rev 2 VGA Coolers on my video cards, to keep them cooler while folding. To CF them now, I will have to mod a cooler or get longer cables. Seems that there are some out there. Has anyone used them, and could you point out the sure fire ones for me. 3850s
  3. Anyone, that has a machine that will boot USB (99.9% will) should look at it. It is about a 25% increase. My three systems right now P4-520/6320/6700 with 3870/3850 are @ 8300PPD. Thats 1 USB SMP/1 VM SMP, 2 GPUs. Still a few glitches with the VM I'm trying to straighten out. (new to it)
  4. Three machines. 1. P4 520 - HD3870 - GPU2 = 2000 + PPD 2. [email protected] - Linux Diskless SMP = 1200PPD (5101/5102) to 2200PPD (2669) 3. [email protected] / HD3850 - SMP (2669) = 2500PPD / GPU (5747) = 2200PPD Total for 3 = 7900 + PPD to 10000 PPD depending on WUs. Looking pretty good. Off to play GOLF!!!!
  5. I have had a problem or two with the bad IP. Think its just an issue with the USB stick. Others have worked forever. For the Q6600 a decent 2+ Gig usb stick should be fine. The 4250 PPD is from a windows machine, SMP & GPU2.
  6. Well, you can try linux if you wish. But I can get you better points. Something I have been testing out. How about this. C2D [email protected] / HD3850 stock = 4250 PPD. Still doing some tweaking, and learning, but should have a how to by end of next week. Going to try a little golf this weekend, and if I don't hurt myself, maybe sooner.
  7. Post a Client.cfg file. Only way to tell. The 5904 don't seem to be listed at all. HMMMMMM!
  8. The secondary IDE channel is just a left over item from the BIOS. MB makers have had to stop having two ide channels (since Intel does not set their chips that way), but are still using a old BASIC bios. They add what is needed for the operation of their MB, but none bother to remove any of the old items. Thats why you will still see such items as, 2 ide channels, AGP settings, floppy boot options, USB 1.0, etc. It doesn't really hurt anything but the time it takes for it to look for whatever isn't there. The other two item you do not want to disable, as they help the data transfer.
  9. Also, depending on where you read it, you need both bridges installed. And as chance has it, I have a P5Q Pro, 2 X 3850, E6700 @ 3.2, 2 Gig Geil Black Dragon 1066, Ultra 750 PSU, 3 x 80 Gig Sata Raid 0, and Vista Ult 64. Mine works great. But, remember that you won't see a big gain in games, unless they can use CF. But benchs like 06, or vantage see a big jump.
  10. May your stay be long and plentiful.
  11. Which client? GPU - ATI or Nvidia Normal CPU or SMP What OS?
  12. I have found that most slow down problems are just from not keeping your computer clean. I have built many computers, and when the people do the maintance as I tell them, they last a long long time, and not slow down. As for memory, W2K/XP is maxed at 4 gig. In general, 2 gig is plenty. For Vista, I would say get a minimum of 4 gig, and go up if you do intense work. Next slow down is the HD. Getting to full will create a bottleneck, even with regular defragging. Think about what you like to keep on them. Then figure double what you think you need. It doesn't hurt. Next think of you set up (now pretty limited to Sata), and how you want to run it. For a gaming machine, Raid 0, 64 bit, say two 160Gig drives (3.0) will be fine. For an intense operational machine, with important stuff, Raid 0+1, or 5. Sized for what you are going to need, say for 500Gig ([email protected] 0, [email protected] 1), 128 bit for stablity. My personal machines, are set to clean and defrag every night. Keep nothing, you don't need (and half you think you do), and you will be fine.
  13. The Q6600 comes to mind. But if you can spring for the i7 and a motherboard/DDR3 memory etc etc go for it. But I would say the Q6600 and a X38/48 board.
  14. In my opinion, no. But I'm not the expert. The 6800s don't have DX10, so won't be able to run the newer games correctly, but still might run DX9. Come next year, I think all will be DX10 or above (10.1/11). They should be pretty much SMP also, so dual/quad is a lot better. With the 9800/4850 etc, the CPU will be a bottleneck trying to play any games like them. Sit back, use what you have, and when things come down in price, do an upgrade. If you get a chance to pick up a 9800/260/280 or 48XX for a good price, they should be playable for a few years. Same goes for a good AMD/Intel board. ie AM2+/X38/X48. Like before, a playable machine, around 500 if you shop. GL
  15. If you have two sets of cables, that have two sata pwr plugs, use one for the HD, and one for the DVD. That way, you can hook up another HD, for raid if you want, and another DVD if you want.
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