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  1. Sorry for a slow reply, busy trying to put something together for the wife's birthday on Sunday, she will be a Bullseye in darts, so trying to do something a bit special, but with no money it's hard lol, but I am desperately trying to improve 2 pictures I have, one really old and really grainy (colour film from the 80's), the other has been distorted, unless that literally hit g-force as Concorde let rip, and that's from the actual film, not an edited\distorted attempt so it's an impossible task lol. Anyway again I can't argue that, I don't know Android anywhere near as well as you guy's,
  2. No I appreciate all that, and agree for the most part, and have stated many times that the likelihood of a person getting hit by such a thing currently is so small you would never have a problem, currently anyway, and I completely agree that just because a piece of protection says all is well kind of thing, it can give users an overestimated feeling of protection, as always no single piece of software can catch everything, and just because a users protection says they are safe, it doesn't guarantee that is true, and like you say is a dangerous thing as many users will lower their guard, but at
  3. I have always admitted I am new to the Android platform, I've been using it for maybe 18 months now, and to start with I did find it very hard at times to do simple things, but I have a much better grip on it now, but I am in no way into any phone the way I used to be on mobile forums, I've moved onto PC's now, but I still try to keep up with changes. But I fear you are missing the main point of this thread, this is about the real POSSIBILITY of this, as both of you have said, it takes action on the users part (usually, but being out of touch these day's I couldn't swear to it, but I have
  4. Very true, up to a point, don't get me wrong, common sense is by far the greatest defence we have, but "some" infections can be picked up by simply visiting a web page, or walking past another infected device, I don't deny it may be uncommon for it to happen, as opposed to those who allow something that causes the damage to happen because they don't know any better, but let's face it, very few are probably as aware about such things as you are, as you run a very tight ship so to speak, but it would be like Russian roulette for an extremely vast number of people to use no protection, and althou
  5. Yep, they are pretty much a small laptop these days, the "smart-phones" at least, but it doesn't mean other phones are immune, and although the likelihood of the vast major it getting hit (illegal stuff aside) is still minimal at this time, it should be taken as a wake up call for people to start extending their PC knowledge and tools (ALL the big names we know and suggest have a free option for mobiles, among some we don't know) onto their mobiles etc., TBH I had forgotten about that thread, Xmas was just so manic here trying to finish decorating the front room enough to bring the settee back
  6. Just don't turn green on us, Pllleeeeaaasssee. (I have heard she does an incredible hulk impersonation) lol.
  7. Just raising awareness of the sensible step of protecting your mobile as well as your PC, I've warned about such things now for MANY years, and although this is still down to illegal users stupidity (for illegal downloading) it does show how serious this is becoming for Android users, as in the extent of what can, and IS now happening, and it's the most serious\damaging issue I have seen yet to warn people about not thinking Android = safe\untouchable any more, previous threats I have known about only showed the reality\ability of this being only a matter of time before serious threats came ou
  8. Another possible cause is junk file cleaners, they remove the cookies that remember you, so each time you run such a cleaner, your probably removing the ability to stay logged in, the good news is that if you use CCleaner, you can save the cookies you need to stay logged in, even from other junk file cleaners (there may be exceptions though as there are many out there), what I do is go to the site(s), run the cleaner to remove a lot of what is already there, which makes finding what you need much easier, close the program, then log in, once logged in before clicking any other links in the brow
  9. I could be wrong, but it looks like we're supposed to believe that the kick knocked the glasses off the runner, and were "caught" by the kicker directly into the wearable position, but such a short snippet is hard to see the whole picture so to speak, the runner appears to smack something out of the other guys hand (appeared to be a drink maybe ?), the kicker does his civic duty, then the other guy starts to come over to get some payback (that's what most would do), but it cuts so quick you never get to know. Love the dog one, truly mans best friend lol. *edit Just saw the above, d
  10. Some of what I have listed runs in real time (not taking into account those programs that have been paid for to get real time cover component of it), and of those some can be turned off so it doesn't, they are:- Secunia PSI = Real Time, it can be turned off, but it would no longer keep your programs up to date, so if you would stop this one then there is no point installing it. WinPatrol, = Real Time, very lightweight and most know it so enough said. MCShield = Real Time, scans removable media as they are connected, so shields from infected media. Iobit Smart Defrag = Real Time, d
  11. There is a lot of truth in that, which is why I love the above so much, they don't have to do anything, it doesn't rely on the user for the vast majority of things, the only time they know it's there is when it can't access thee check boxes due to the way the install is built, it will jump up and tell them it contains potential garbage, that's the only time they will know it's there, same with Wise Cleaner, and Iobit Smart Defrag (as long as it's YOU that installs it, as it is sneaky trying to get you to install garbage, you have to Decline the 1st screen, before it installs the actual program
  12. Oops, I forgot what is probably the most important tool, you install it, then that's it, the user has next to nothing to do with it, what does it do ? It automatically marks the ticks from boxes set to include the garbage appropriately, so that they do not add the junk, there are times where an install file where this software can't act on, at which point it jumps up and asks the user if they are sure, adding it may contain unwanted stuff as well, it should be in every tech's toolbox, it will cut down your work instantly, What is this tool ? Unchecky, it is very lightweight, so even low p
  13. I do similar, but I call it Run These, it makes it more obvious that they should run them, I put CCleaner (free) in there, and used to use 2 more, but they have not been updated in many years, and I sometimes get a snide comment about using them because of this, but I am giving Wise Disk Cleaner a test drive currently, which you can even schedule cleaning so if the user forgets, it does it for them, and I think it is pretty good, it also allows you to filter what does and doesn't get touched, aside from those I put a folder called Protection in there, and add the usual tools like mbam, Spyware
  14. LOL used a couple of those myself, but I got my father a birthday card last year (he is always scared to open my stuff for some reason ), and in it there was a note about being nice to ME, this was followed with a line saying because I am the one who will decide which care home I put you in ROFL.
  15. Been some pretty good ones in here, hope this is up to par.
  16. Well it may be a case of my limited exposure these days to the different SP's and their deals, but I'm on 3, and noticed the G3 was coming with unlimited everything for only an extra £3 from the next choice down, a mate is on Virgin and recently got an S4 mini with unlimited everything for £27, prior to seeing those deals it was the first time I had noticed anyone doing unlimited calls, texts yes, but not calls, not since the days of one to one )I think it was) gave unlimited chat, and that people who still have that original deal cling onto it, and if they ever wanted to sell it then it would
  17. If that's the one I've seen advertised then it looks really impressive, seriously worth a closer look and some hands on time to really see what it can do, if I wasn't half way through my contract I'd definitely consider getting it. But if you think their contracts\deals there are not that great terry, you should of seen how long it took them to catch up with their phones, it probably compares to what we have got compared to what Japan has, and GSM usage was in it's infancy when I was helping with phones, they have come a really long way in recent years, mostly because of the GSM network in
  18. My S4 is the first android phone I have ever had, previous it was always a Nokia on the Symbian platform, so it's good to know they all have that feature, so Thanks for the info. I agree a 16gig handset, with a card slot (usually MicroSD these days), and if you really want to cut down on data charges, check the phone can handle a large card, e.g. 32gig, or 64gig (which the S4 can take) if you think you will need it, but the point is you can preload loads of films etc. at home, then when your away you can play them back with no worry of charges, but you won't get the full memory advertised
  19. I'm going blind (quite possible lol) unless your talking about the S4 Zoom, data is always guess work, for me I won't use anything less than an unlimited data plan, it completely removes the fear of going over, and facing dear charges, fortunately here it's not unaffordable anymore, or I would be facing charges every month, I have the normal Samsung S4 (not zoom), and you have to lock it down if you want to keep data usage low, the phone is so feature packed there are bits I still have yet to discover, and that's after a year using it, but weather, a large number of various App's, and maybe ju
  20. That's what you get for using Japanese nappy's, they have always regretted the name the marketing team came up with, and management strongly believe using SacoPooPoo was a bad choice` in marketing lol.
  21. Well the shutting down is what windows does when heat is too much, which is why I thought the fan would definitely be worth checking, I have had a fan in the past that was actually spinning, BUT, it was so weak, it was not providing enough of a draft to do it's job, and as a result the system would then shut down, it just ran long enough to load, but as soon as the system started to work it couldn't manage and shut down, so I always try and feel if the fan is able to spin with minimal resistance (using extreme safety), if it stops spinning with little pressure then the fan is highly suspect, i
  22. Don't know personally, but a search showed a few things, the main one being what they call the Yellow Light of Death (If the red light and green light are on at the same time), which means your screwed, or the hard drive, or graphics card are the other suggestions to check, make sure they are seated correctly, but heat does seem to be the common factor in all of these results, and as such it may be that the PCB solder has become "corrupted" for want of a better word, and suggest using a Hot Air Rework Soldering Station or the like if you have one. Here is a quote from someone who would app
  23. I went through the same turmoil when I decided to get one for my wife, went through many hours of searching and reading reviews etc., then went armed into the store and was lucky enough that they had a massive Xmas promotion on, and had got the makers of each brand to send in a specialist on each area for the public to talk through the options, and the good and the bad, why you should, or should not get set devices, and the bottom line was the new Nexus 7 P'd all over the rest, but as much as I dislike Apple, if you wanted a comparable choice then they were the only ones in that field to go fo
  24. I knew options was there, but other than being able to paste in plain text, or clear saved content, I don't see the benefit, some copy and paste I want to keep the formatting, so I leave those entries unchecked, but what I am finding currently is that it takes little to be able to paste, problem is, it could be anything, there is no definitive thing I can say, as a few times during this I have been able to paste, so it is an obscure thing currently, that I am experiencing at least. But as I said above, if you click the button beside the "Post" button labelled "More Reply Options" you will
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