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  1. TBH for me there is a step missing, after step 1 it should be "if it didn't work rip it out of the wall and throw it 6' across the room" rofl That's how I started, after that I figured I'd better learn how to fix them lol.
  2. Not really sure how to use a better descriptiontitle, and I can't be certain without sitting there calculating each option, but I think with todays growing speeds you may need to update this if you want the most accurate results. The bits I am on about come after running the tests, you get a few drop down boxes to select varying info from, which the Pit uses in it's resultssummaries, I now have a 60meg service, the tests report this accurately, BUT, from what I could figure out the fastest option to select from the drop down boxes is only 1/3 of this, but even if that does turn out to be right, it's the fastest you list, and there are 100meg + services around now, I could upgrade to a 120meg service if I wanted, but have no real need for that, but I use it as an example over your speeds offered in the drop down section, just a thought.
  3. I have always manually set it as it made a noticeable difference, but with 8gig being common today, let alone higher, I didn't know if it could start hindering more than helping, just wondered if anyone knew, but from what you've said it doesn't seem to matter these days, Thanks for the reply.
  4. Just wondering if anything has changed these days, I know the 1.5 x and 3 x being used sizes, but given a system can have much more RAM than was plausible back when this was in the days of under 1gig of RAM, but 8gig being easily afforded these days, and say 32gig not impossible, has this rule changed at all ? My understanding is before RAM was the size you can get these days, it used the hard drive to help this along, but if you have 8gig, or even more does this rule still apply ? or does it start causing problems ?
  5. TBH I have no idea, I have never needed to do such things, I just knew Foxit to be well rated as an alternate to Adobe, but looking at the small print it seems Foxit wont do what you want, but the latter suggestion may well do what you want from looking at the write up, in Lou of further input I suggest give it a go and see if it does what you need. http://www.dopdf.com/
  6. I believe many advocate the use of Foxit Reader as the best alternate choice to Adobe.
  7. TBH I have no idea what info can be read by such a reader, but can you recall changing the pin ? The default codes are usually 0000 (4 zero's) or 1234, or for a security code it's 12345, although there are "some" that use different defaults, you can always force a PUK code prompt if you know the Sp of that Sim, because once the PUK request comes up (after 3 failed PIN codes) you go to the Sp and they give you the PUK, the possible downside is if they wont help as you are not with them now, so only go for this if you are not worried about binning that Sim card. Apart from this my best advice is to pop over to Howard forums, it's been a while since I was into phones, and have forgotten a lot of info, but they are well up with the latest stuff so if anyone can reliably help it should be them, hope it helps.
  8. I suggest the fastest way to check if the signal is too weak is to connect via a cable and try it, if the cable works fine then it supports the weak signal, if it still has issues then the signal is not as likely the issue, but this is the fastest test and costs nothing so IMHO is the best option for now to figure out the next step.
  9. I would happily drive the car as well, but no where near the way they are lol, I wouldn't have that much experience on the ice to do that currently, but to be a passenger in that ride driven like that, you'd certainly know you're alive lmao.
  10. Tight idiots lol, OK try these then:- Rally car Races Bobsleigh Crazy Stunt
  11. I'd be tempted to do something like that if it was safe enough, but more likely to do it on my own, I'd see it as practise should the worst happen. But I challenge anyone to take This Rally car Races bobsleigh Ride and say they weren't scared at the end, I'm up for most things crazy, but thats even put me on edge lol, Here is another crazy stunt they did in the same program.
  12. Well took me over an hour to find it lol, looks like it#s different from how I remember, but here it is:-
  13. LOL, you want to see the sign over here then, it's a big sign out the front of the place, and in big letters it says "Free Erections" rofl, the company in question sells sheds lol.
  14. 2 thoughts, check under start up and see if it's listed there, if it is remove it and see if that works, or else check for scheduled events, can't think of anything else ATM, hope it helps.
  15. I usually add 1234567 as my number using my towns code when forced to use such forms.
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