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  1. Grub to login is about 18secs.. but usually around 18-25secs with Gentoo
  2. Well, i did get it installed but its just that now i can't find the .inf file i need to use to install the driver for F5D6050 (Belkin WLan Adapter). If anyone has used this or has it, if you could email it to me thx.
  3. err...i'm having trouble installing the ndiswrapper, i have kernel 2.6.11, i believe...tried following those instructions, but i get the error of gcc: command not found, and such when i do 'make' or 'make install' [if i can't get this one to work, i may buy a new wireless usb adapter, so if anyof you know of any adapters to work with FC3 (not so expensive), please let me know, and btw, does anyone know where i can find the .inf file for the belkin driver of F5D6050, thx] can anyone help?
  4. Cool, thx i'll try it as soon as i get home, and i'll let you know how it goes of if i got questions. With that howto guide, i assume i just get the winxp drivers for my belkin? Thx.
  5. Err...i'm new to Linux and right now i am using FC3, and having problems trying to install drivers for this wireless adapter. Any help would be appreciated. [i'm pretty much going to need a newbie guide, step by step of how to install it] Using a Belkin F5D6050 wireless adapter, with Fedora Core 3 Thx.
  6. i'm sure you'll be happy with it i upgraded from a PNY ti4200 to getting a 9600xt...then i saw on newegg that the sapphire 9800pro was selling for just a few more dollars than the xt, couldn't pass up the deal so i returned the 9600 and ordered the pro...and i'm happy with its performance -rj
  7. I would say sapphire...(i own one) and its pretty good in oc'ing and you can flash it from 9800pro to a 9800XT plus the Sapphire Radeon 9800pro at newegg.com is really cheap right now for around $200 -rj
  8. hmm...well i was using the Kingston Hyper-X RAM and it was made for gaming pretty much and already has a heatsink, i guess it was probably the heat, i still have lifetime warranty on it so i just need to contact them
  9. yup found a 128 stick of pc2100 stuck it in and worked....found out my 512 was dead so right now i'm stuck with 128mb of pc2100...well at least i got a lifetime warranty on my kingston hyper-x, i'll have to contact them about it thanx guy's
  10. started about 2 days ago...i never changed anything and i was just using it then it just restarted and the beeps ever since
  11. wrong one...heh mines just regular plain old p4s533 not mx
  12. i don't think sdram sticks would fit into ddr-ram slots...would it?
  13. i was also wondering if i clear the CMOS does the bios version reset back to its original...like i upgrade the bios to 1009 then clear it, does it go back to the old one?
  14. hmm...i just tried taking out the memory and sticking it back in still got the long beep could the ram be dead, not working?
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