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  1. Thanks Y! Good to see some old faces still around here. I got a kick out of seeing Anti-l33t speak brigade under my name...its still there after all of these years haha. Device Manager has no issues it says the device is working properly. "Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Controller" It is the onboard controller that comes with my motherboard. Typing ipconfig/all yields: mdiastate: disconnected connection DNS suffix: Description: Microsfot ISATAP Adapter Physical Address: 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0 DHCP Enabled: No Autoconfig Enabled: YES I can view opther computers on my network and access them, but that is about it. Also Windows 7 will not allow me to update the driver. Any driver I use it says it has the most up to date one already. Weirdest thing being a fresh install. I would almost bet the adapter is blown but...everything else works fine, and dropping in a new card results in the same.
  2. When I try ipconfig/release it tells me it is unable to find the end When I try ipconfig/renew it tells me unable to find the DHCP server
  3. I built my rig about 2 years ago. Intel based system, DFI Lanparty Dark P35. Using the onboard controller. After about a year the internet stopped working. The tray ocon was the yellow ! and it said unidentifed netowrk. In the netowrk settings page it just shows an X between the home netowrk and the internet. So after really not using that comp and mainly jsut sticking to my HTPC and laptop for the last year I wanted to get it going agin. I tried a new NIC card and still same thing. Tried reinstalling Windows 7, and even on a fresh install same thing. I had read about disabling and unsinstalling the Network adapter as it had fixed some issues but nope no luck. It is on a wired connection, along with my HTPC and my laptop. They run through a router (Net Gear). The other two comps work just not my main PC. I can connect to my other computers the network works fine I just can't connect outside of it. Have tried known working cables and ports on the router to no avail. I have tried every possible solution I could find via google (no Bonjour service going on here). I am at my wits end. Was hoping someone might have an idea or 12 for me. Thanks in advance. Oh and when I try "IPCONFIG/RELEASE" It tells me it is unable that the end hasn't been established. ipconfig/renew tells me unable to contact you DHCP server
  4. Sounds as though the card reader is a hit. I would advise against Rosewill products. Have had bad luck with them and if you are one of those Linuz guys I have heard complaints about their support. As far as the other two slots like I said why not go with a 2X3HDD cage. The Lian Li one is nice and even if you dont ahve a HDD to put in there now, an extra quiet fan ant hurt, and it will cover that hole and look a bit nicer then say duct tape or legos:)
  5. Wasnt my goal to offend like I said good natured ribbing, like you guys calling it winduhs is all...and yes Bruce has always been one of the most helpful folks as far as computers. In my mind possibly only topped by Volt on these forums (where is he anyways )and I did try Linux at one point...just not my thing, me and Bill are tight ya see. So again goodnatured ribbing and at the same time jsut trying to help Luis with his problem, as it might be OS/driver related. And Windows 2k and Ubuntu arent far off on system requirements...one can run on a calculator and the other on an abacaus
  6. Ah just me giving some good natured ribbing. In the early days of the pit Bruce was quite the Linux fan(still is I imagine) and I will never forget his sig from back then. "Ina world without fences, who needs Gates", I just like to give ya Linux guys a little grief, and well to be honest I know very very little about it, tried it not my thing. That and apaprently to like linux you have to join a cult believe Bill Gates is Satan, and get mad when 97% of the rest of the world doesnt know what distro means...and of course be too cheap to buy a Mac:) I kid I kid. that being said I do know that Linus Torvalds (isnt he the Linux users Jesus or at least Muhammad) was saying how Ubuntu was bloated. And every pice of hardware on Newegg that gets a low rating seems to have a Ubuntu user complaining about how it isnt working perfectly on Ubuntu even though it isnt listed as a compatible OS...like I said it is good natured and I hope it is taken as such:) As for Luis it might be one of his troubles thoguh, and it is always a good place to start when troubleshooting. The OS can often be a cause of issues, especially a less then common open Source OS.
  7. I would agree take the good and focus on that. You have a number of people willing to help you with this issue putting forth effort, for FREE no less. How mnay other places will go that route. I had an issue recently and althoguh the answer wasnt delivered to me by a person on this board through some info from others I was able to divine the solution myself. Now as opposed to being frustrated with the people here who are looking to help you out, I say blame Linux:) Here is the troubleshooting path I would take for this. #1 Try another computer with that router if things work okay there then you can largely rule out the router. #2 Try a different NIC card...or conversely try that NIC card in another computer #2.5 if it works fine in another computer then catalog what is different about that computer, be it OS, Mobo, RAM, HDD. #2.75 if it works like crap then hey it is the card or its drivers chances are. #3 if card works well in antohe rig, try going back to XP. Ubuntu is known to be "bloated" perhaps your system just sint enough to run it. However you are fine for XP I have run XP and to a lesser extent Windows 2k with a lot less. #4 if on XP (which I know far more about) change all settings for best performance, as you are running an older machine (and a 4k RPM HDD wow havent seen one that slow in I cant remember when...honestly). If it works but the speed is bad there is a possible PCI conflict or some other bottleneck. If you can get through these first 4 you are well on your way to a resolution if one of these 4 dont resolve it. Honestly this isnt too bad a problem, I spent 17 hours the other day trying to get my RAID solution figured...so it could be worse.
  8. Well as far as Ubuntu goes I cant help you there. I have been a long time nonfan of Linux distros and am told by the guys who think Bill Gates is the devil that Ubuntu is garbage. I believe even Linus Torvals referred to it as bloated. As far as the secure router issue goes. a few things that might help. getting some more info on. Is it wired/wireless? The best route of trouble shooting is elimination. Do you have another NIC card to try in place of the AZIO? If everything else on the system seems to run fine I would begin looking at the networking compnenets. The adapter, the router itself...have you had other computers connect to this router without issue? And you say your throughput is below that of dial up...how bad it is? a few of those answered and I might could help you. As much as a sworn enemy of Linux I am I would say Ubuntu seems to be pretty poor. Every piece of hardware on newegg that gets largely 5 stars seems to always get about 10% giving it 3 or less always with the same reason "Doesnt work with Ubuntu". But that is just my biased opinion:)
  9. Well not sure what problems you might have had, but in the years that I posted here (albeit with a large hiatus) I find people are willing to help more so then most other places, and to me that counts for something. What problem are you having exactly, I would be happy to try to assist you. But if you have entirely given up well then I guess I will just wish you luck in whatever issue you are having.
  10. Well for the 40 mm fans they just take up one slot, so if you went say card reader, multi function panel you would have a slot left over. Or you could be nutso and want that many fans. As far as HDD being on the bottom, the main benefit of the HDD cage by Lian Li is future expansion, and added cooling. I am a firm believer in four things when it comes to air cooling #1 you can always have more air flow, #2 it can always be quieter, #3 slightly positive case pressure is a good thing when using filters, and #4 cool in circuits. #1 the more air the better, sure you will reach a point of diminishing returns but I am sure you are far from it at this stage. #2 If you add some larger (the Lian Li case) fans you can drop the RPMs/DBs and get a quieter but equally cooled solution. #3 It would be adding a filtered intake, and will add to postive case pressure. Positive case pressure means all the little nooks and crannies and holes and gaps will have air blowing out of them as opposed to sucking up un filtered dust. Since the front fan is filtered that is where the sut will be caught so it leads to an overall less dusty computer. #4 Air circuits. A bit harder to verbalize but think of it this way. Have designated air flows going where you want them. Try and separate the hotter components from each other. Have circuits of air flow, an intake and an exhaust...one for the lower portion of your system (cooling your southbridge and video card), one about mid range (getting your HDDs and CPU), and one on the top of your case (Cooling the Northbridge, the motherboards top mopst mosfets, and the PSU. This way it is compartmentalized and you dont have hot air from the bottom of the case being used to cool the CPU. As far as front panel card readers or multi function panels if they have USB ports on them you will need open headers on your motherboard to connect to. As far as specific cards I am not sure you would have to take a look but I would be hard pressed to think a 20-in-1 card reader wouldnt have what you are looking for. Honestly I dont really do anything that requires a card reader so my knowledge there would be limited, and my advice pure conjecture. Dont fret the ugliness that is the open space though, the main point is there are many man posibilities to fill those slots up. Think of it as a blessing you may have this gaping hole there but now you have an excuse to put something in it:)
  11. Looks like you have 3 spaces open... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811995035&cm_re=lian_li-_-11-995-035-_-Product Should be available in silver. Ah here we go http://www.xoxide.com/lili-ex-33a-hdd-kit.html I have two (well one of these then a similar but 2 bay one) in my system, I have a Lian Li PC-6077 mnodular front case but I see no reason why it wont fit (it is a snug fit in any case mind you some force is needed). The device is available in Silver. So even if you dont need the extra HDD space it is nice ot have a quiet 120mm filtered fan in the front. Not sure how into a modded out case you want but some other options are: http://www.xoxide.com/aerocool-coolwatch-silver.html or well the whole panel page: http://www.xoxide.com/front-multifunction-panels.html Some more cooling: http://www.xoxide.com/evercool-3fan-hard-drive-cooler.html And of course the coup de gras my favorite... http://www.xoxide.com/xray1.html Xoxide has always been good to me I have ordered coolers, watercooling, panels and misc goofy stuff. They have always been fast with their shipping (often times I place newegg orders at the same time and xoxide beats them usually). And the one time I had the slightest of issues they more then exceeded my expectation in resolving the matter. I find that true customer service doesnt happen when things go well but how things go when a problem arises. Hope this helps.
  12. Ah success... Had to have the BIOS set to Raid at the beginning. The problem I was having is while in Raid mode a SATA CD/DVD Drive ddoesnt want to load Windows. I pulled out an old IDE drive happen to have one IDE port on the board. Used that set BIOS to raid, had one drive connected. Windows 7 loaded fine I had to install the driver for the raid during the boot process. It was able to take it as the BIOS was set to RAID this time around. After I got Windows and the neccessary drivers set, I powered up my 4 drives made my Raid 5 and away we go. So ultimately the problem here was something as simple as a SATA CD/DVD Drive. Thank you guys for the support I do appreciate it. And glad to have some redundancy with my 2+TBs of data.
  13. Same issue as described earlier. I attempt to install and it says your system does not meet the minimum requirements. It wont install unless the BIOS is set to Raid and it wont load Win7 unless it is set to IDE.
  14. I didnt need to load any drivers on installation. I was able to install Windows 7 without them. I am not sure what you did to allow it to work. If I set the bios to AHCI, I get the BSOD, if I set it to Raid I get the BSOD If I set it to IDE I get into to Windows but no raid 5. I did notice under device manager there is nothing listed for storage controllers. That is something that made me think driver issue. With your 3 Drive Raid-0 are you able to see the drives as one volume? What size and model of drivers are they, What board are you using, and do you show a Storage controller in your device manager...also hwat BIOS does your board have Award or other? Thanks.
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