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    Computers driving my mustang when it is nice out...wrong state for a convertible, and swing dancing.

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  1. Ask the younger guys getting back from Iraq how much they liked it...
  2. They are basically the same...if you setup XP properly. 2k is a bit more stable, XP is a bit better with multimedia IMO.
  3. Rather then raising it or lowering it, I thinkwe should go with the civilian, citizen formula. ie you have to have served your country in the military to vote. And no I have never served.
  4. Oh yeah bad video card...or installation.
  5. Yeah and some of us get sick of the US bashing as well. Pot...Kettle...think about it!
  6. SBLive card you say well let me guess it is in PCI slot 1 or 5 right? Move it to slot 4 and that should fix it. Sounds crazy but that has happened to me many many times in the past. The card interferes with other IRQ's in those slots. Try that and if that doesn't work I will be shocked.
  7. Head on point. I believe a moral person is not defined by the morals they keep but defined by the morals of where they are, and what surrounds them. People of similar cultures are more similar then those of different cultures. It is not racism it is fact. Better or worse are relative terms. People are so afriad to offend these days they ignore fact. Myself as an American, am vastly different then you folks across the pond. Even as a Northerner I am vastly different to a Southerner in my own country. That doesn't even begin to throw in race, religion, gender, economic differences, political differences. We need to stop trying the "Everybody is really the same" and learn to acknowledge differences, and accept them and be more tolerant and adapt more. This whole PC thing of we are all the same just isn't true. However I do beloieve that tolerance and acceptance of difference, is what needs to focused on.
  8. Jeez so my understanding of this is that it is largely Muslim youths rioting over 2 kids accidently electrocuting themselves? Okay wow what a stretch for a reason to riot. Rodney King I could understand but this is stretching it. Maybe it is just me and I say this not to be offensive, but given the extremely high level of Muslim and non-Muslm hatred and violence across the world these days it seem, like a crusade or more to the point a Jihad is occurring. Or soon will be.
  9. One great thing about wrestling, I wrestled a blind kid, and saw two kids wrestle at state with missing limbs bujt that takes the cake. Simply amazing. Nice to see him suceed and excel despite his handicaps. Then again ask the question...is he actually handicapped?
  10. what was discussed can in fact be done. Doesn't work well but once late at night I had the same idea...mine was a tad bit on the alcohol side, and it involved a delta fan and a dremel. It went up flipped over and came back down. Cut my finger as it was going all over the table. It would have been funny if it wouldn't have been my finger. Try a delta fan and cut away some of the housing, I didn't use a cup though I used a cut up beer can.
  11. look at the first post...my starter I say his name. And for those who don't know the movie is "The Last Dragon". And I canfight and have sparks fly off of my hands...Becuase I am the master
  12. Also Neo you might be interested in this http://kungfucinema.com/articles/2003-05-28-04.htm Lotta people in that movie nobody realized...William H Mcy , Wesley Snipes, and Ron Van Clief doing fight choreography, if anybody is into the UFC he competed in I want to say UFC, known the world around as the Black Dragon, I believe he is the oldest fight ever to compete in the UFC. And finally Rudy from the Cosby Show playing Sophia/Natasha...Anyone who doesn't find that exchange funny has something wrong with them.
  13. Who's the Master! That was my favorite movie growing up as a kid. That movie was so funny, but at the same time so cool of a martial art movie to a kid...I watch it now and enjoy it on a whole new level. Beautiful thing when you can love it on two different levels. The 3 jive chinese guys crack me up all the time. You get him to the designated place at the designated time and I'll gladly designate his a$$ just directa yo feetsa to daddy green's pizza String bean Rick James lookin' FOOL! Am I the meanest? SHO NUFF Am I the prettiest? SHO NUFF Am I the baddest :filtered: low down around this town? SHO NUFF Who am I? SHO NUFF Who am I? SHO NUFF I can't hear you. SHO NUFF The Shogun of Harlem Funny story when I was working at the Capitol Drive Domino's in Milwaukee, I was one of the only white guys there, and somebody started quoting this movie and we went on and on with quotes and everybody thought is was just a black movie, later me and a few guys were boxing, and I swung and the other guy blocked and said *beep* please, like Sho-Nuff does to Leroy o don't think I have ever laughed so hard or loud in my life, I tell ya that movie brings people together. Thanks for your avatar and reminding me of fond memories. Some of the greatest quotes in movie history. Julius Carey was awesome in this...He was also great in one of my all time favorite shows Brisco County Jr.
  14. Prescotts can go up to 70 degrees without damage then previous core (northwood)reccomends not breaking 65 degrees. At that heat don't expect much more...that is pretty hot for that cpu and heatsink...I have a Northwood at 2.4GHZ in a cramped and tiny Lian-Li PC-31 and it is dead silent and it isn't that hot...if you want to OC you will need to run cooler in my opinion...wna tis your cooling situation looking lke? Ambient temp? what case? how many fans? etc.
  15. Yeah haven't had the time as of late to hop in here, or mess with my PC. Thinking of going with a new case...Love my PC-31 but it is too small to cool silently. and should be getting a huge pay check so eh why not. How have you been? Did you graduate yet?
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