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  1. priva1tm,Have you tried shutting down comp and unhooking drive and turn on comp and then shuy down and hook drive back up and turn comp on and see if windows finds it again. not sure if it will work or not.
  2. my drive in laptop did same thing.Go back into device manager and right click on your drive and click uninstall and reboot and let windows reinstall drive.if it works might think about getting a good laser lens cleaner and run it also.all this worked for me.
  3. sorry about that it was dwfinch's link i had open and didn't relize it any who have you tried going into bios and see if memory dedication to video is set as high as can be.
  4. run another test and see if still shows and if it does post it here and let them know http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showforum=2 are you still having video problems?
  5. does it show nvidia drivers installed in your add and remove programs,if so i would uninstall them then go into device manager and unistall video card,reboot and let windows reinstall card,also you might want to go to toshibas web sight and grab latest video drivers first,just incase you will need them.
  6. I did notice that you have nvidia graphics card and also have ati catylist manager installed,might be a conflict there.might try uninstalling the ati manager and see if it helps.Just a guess
  7. Just a shot in the dark here,are you sure your speakers are working can you test on another system and see.I had a no sound problem on a windows box and it turned out speakers to a crap no warning what so ever.
  8. Tried it loved it...but huricane ike decided to put an oak tree into my kitchen and the computer running it got smashed and have not had the funds to replace comp yet and the wife says no to putting on laptop ,so as soon as i get another comp, it or laptop will have suse on it (i dont want to dual boot)I still play with a live dvd sometimes
  9. http://www.tweakhound.com/vista/tweakguide/index.htm and blackviper.com is a good sight for your tweaking needs.
  10. I have gone one better or maybe two I have one for family and close friends which states that if i am ever included in a mass e-mail my e-mail address need to be in the blind carbon copy, the addy is encrypted and everyone has to have either a number or use the same service. CODE http://hushmail.com Bear,just may have to give that a look see
  11. Thank you, heck i didnt even know there were sounds... got sounds now
  12. I have an account setup for sites i don't trust or need an email for whatever reason.I call it my account.Has worked out pretty good over the years.
  13. woodro

    installed suse 11

    A big thank you to bruce for taking the time to help! and duanester i am enjoying it so far and i know i will have many more ?'s as i get more involved in it(or break something)anyway should of done this long ago. again thanks bruce
  14. woodro

    installed suse 11

    checked and all the ones you said are there,checked for updates and said no updates. since im not to far into everything maybe should i do a clean install and start over?
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