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  1. Ban it is then. I give information for good intentions, not for any other purpose. It's what you do with that information that counts. I will delete my post. I will take my help elsewhere.
  2. You know as well as I do what my intention was with that post. It wasn't to steal files, nor to break the PC. Just a friendly heads up that there is a problem, and how to fix it, before someone else comes along with the same knowledge who will want to break it. I would expect any neighbour of mine to do the same for me. You wanna give me a better way to deal with the problem? Fine. Post it. So far all you've done is had a go at angelictorment, and haven't posted a solution of your own. Ignoring the problem is absolutely stupid, because what if you later realise it was somebody you kno
  3. There are two types of lag. Ping lag and Choke lag. Ping lag is where your machine is sending messages to the server (like move forward), but takes forever for the messages to get to the server. Once the message gets there the server processes it quickly, but it also takes time to get back to you. This is represented by you pressing move forward, but nothing happens for a second, and then the character responds. Choke lag is where you're sending messages to the server quick enough, but the server can't process them quick enough. Like playing a game at 1fps. Lots of stuff is happening b
  4. I'd be looking into getting the official nVidia drivers. The ones Windows' provides are very basic and do not provide much in terms of graphic acceleration. Have you noticed that when you drag the windows around that they're a little slow and choppy? I noticed as soon as the drivers were installed, the windows when moved were very fluid. Games moved a lot faster as well. It might just solve the garbled display at the same time. You never know, it's worth a shot. Have a look here. Just be sure that if you're going to install the video card drivers, you'll might want to check that
  5. Here are a few clues to check out. 1. How hot is the computer? Look inside to see if there's any fans on the graphics card. Check that they are not covered in dust and are spinning fast. If they're clogged in dust, or the fan is spinning, but really slowly (or it looks like the fan is worn out), it might be time for a new fan. 2. How old is the graphics card? Relatively new can be anywhere from 3 months old to 3 years. Any older than that and you might find it's not worth spending the money on replacing the fan. You might find it's cheaper (or makes more sense) to spend the money rep
  6. I'll try for you Jacee. 200KB. But this time the resolution is a gob-smacking 1920x1200. A typical OS X screenshot. The spam.jpg I'm going to bust out the next time somebody posts any of that Yesitsfree shenanigans.
  7. You might be able to increase the illusion a bit, by using this to make it appear 99% like Tiger, and this to give it the shadow effects on the windows. Note: That Tiger Theme is not entirely accurate. The Maximise button, Minimise and Close buttons are all on the wrong side (they're on the top left).
  8. First Person Shooters: Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Quake III, the Unreal Tournament series (notably '99 and '04') Role Playing Games: Oblivion, Diablo II Strategy Games: The Age of Empires series, the Warcraft series. Something mindless to fill in time: The first Doom game, on Ultra Hard mode.
  9. Did you notice all the rockets from earlier parts of the game (just before the Hovercraft section) scattered around the Ravenholm area? The Combine deliberately bombed the rebels with head crab missiles, in an effort to quell the resistance. The Resistance sealed off Ravenholm after this happened. Which explains the whole thing with Alyx mentioning "We don't go there anymore", the sealed blast door, warning signs, the furniture piled up against the doorway, the abandoned sentry guns etc, and finally the padlock on the grate covering the ladder. If there was ever a hint dropped a
  10. Do you mean the little messages in the middle of the screen saying Loading? I don't think you can, because it's part of the timing. Everytime you enter a new area, it saves the game. So if you die, it takes you right back to the start of that little area.. Kinda like Scene 1, Take 1, 2, 3 etc.
  11. Are you running a cordless phone? Or wireless keyboard/mice? Are the lots of wireless networks in the area? (Use the laptop to scan for other networks to answer the last question). Move the cordless away from the router as much as you can. Also, think about geographical conditions. Like how far away the laptop is from the router (straight lines). Does the signal have to travel through walls? How many? And what materials is the house built with? Weatherboard: Brick? Is it a flat? There's probably lots of concrete around affecting signal. Also too, wireless works a bit different f
  12. I can't suggest anything that might get you in LOTS of trouble. (In fact, I already have) (said too much). Just request Internet to be turned on to your PC for how ever long it takes to update, switch Steam to offline mode, then let your Dad cut off the Internet again.
  13. The only time I see advertising through GMail is when I have to use the web interface (which is rare). It's free POP3. It's all downloaded onto hard disk, and deleted off GMail's server. If Google were to charge for POP access, I'd probably pay it. Why? When Hotmail offers basically the same thing? That could be the basis for a very interesting question: Do you trust Google, or Microsoft with your data? Both, or neither? Me, I have my name as an email address. Hotmail couldn't provide that. Also, I don't have to worry about having a mail server running at home if I were to have my
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