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  1. Neo X1

    Novell Mac parodies

    LOL "i'll probably wear this for another 6 or 7 years"
  2. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=payday Look up the term "candy bar" at your own risk.
  3. Thanx guys. It was a good birthday weekend.
  4. Neo X1

    So Lost

    The problem is that YDL 5 for the PS3 uses the e17 desktop environment, which was experimental the last time I poked around with it and not exactly the most immediately useable environment ever. It's just gonna take you some time to get used to it, I know it took me a good long while, its nothing like other environments.
  5. You can pop that Suse install disc in and do an automated repair of fstab and it'll fix it for you.
  6. This has got to be the smoothest, most on-schedule release I've ever watched. How much could they really have changed for it to have gone this easily? Anywho... I've been looking forward to this release. It's time for me to upgrade from 10.0. Plus I need to try out this XGL thing so I can further off my Windows-using roommates. "can your computer do this?"
  7. http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=128103 repost. And it's not MS Suse if you actually read the article.
  8. Maybe this merger will give ATI the resources to get a decent Linux driver team together.
  9. Try out some Baltimore Club if Trance/Techno doesn't do it for you. Think of it as it's urban cousin; they both are similar in their repetitiveness, general lack of lyrics, but B-More Club has beats behind it that I can get with and occasionally they're pretty funny. You've got my screenname if you want me to hook you up with some of my personal picks.
  10. You'd be surprised at how it isn't as bad as you'd think because holding it in your hand, the screen is only about a foot from your face. I've watched it on the train, at work, when I'm waiting for whatever female that dragged me to the mall to finish shopping while I wait in the men's section (the men's section being wherever the chairs are). All of the ipods function as flash drives. I've got a good 15gb of AVI files on mine and a copy of portable firefox. Because you can't choose what song you want to hear on the shuffle, not to mention all the other things the nano can do. The only thing the shuffle can do is play your music straight through, or shuffle it. The nano lets you find songs, make playlists as you go, play games, have a calendar, etc. etc. etc.
  11. Of course, but why brutalize the animal before the inevitable head chopping or neck breaking?
  12. And I only use Windows when an employer forces me to or someone begs me to fix their busted computer. I'm sure Bruce remembers the day I damn near did a net backflip when I got the last bit of software I needed to never have to use Windows on my own computer again. I'm a webdesigning, maple10-using, digital circuit creating, gamer; I'm always shocked when people try to tell me what the OS I use everyday can't do. edit: and so that I'm not completely off topic... WGA was a bad idea from the beginning. Even if it makes it obvious who has illegal copies of Windows, it makes a ton of computers out there wide open to infestation, which makes ALL OF US more at risk. A DOS attack (and other brute force style attacks) doesn't discriminate based on OS.
  13. That's actually pretty useful for someone like myself. Once I figured out how to get Dreamweaver and Paint Shop Pro 7.0 installed in linux and running satisfactorily, I ditched Windows completely. I've been coding with firefox in mind these days, because I know its standards compliant, ignoring IE altogether. Thusfar its been working fine, but its good to have all my bases covered.
  14. He seems like the type to say something like that. I hope he makes a full recovery. He puts his butt on the line so that we can live vicariously through him. The man does us all a service. :beer: :beer:
  15. Neo X1


    Ever since I made the mistake of going to one of my school's Linux user's group meeting I'm afraid of Linux gatherings in person. I remember thinking the entire time that 1) I was outnumbered by stereotypical computer geeks and 2) they were probably going to eat me. If my roommie hadn't been there I might not have made it out alive. Scary pimple faced evil evil nerds....
  16. I believe that you have to copy the installer to your home folder before starting the install. I haven't installed UT2k4 in ages, but I'm relatively sure thats what I had to do.
  17. The saddest part of the whole deal is that people WILL buy it because Microsoft tells the OEMs and the consumers what to do. I just hope Novell drives it home with Suse 10.2 (after that disaster that was .1) so I can have something substantial (in a purely superficial way) to taunt the Linux naysayers with. Nothing says "told you so" like a spinning desktop with a video playing on it's corner running on 5 year old hardware. Then firing up Quake 4 just to put icing on the cake.
  18. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.h...11166&sid=1 This is many things... sad, ridiculous, somewhat necessary, as well as overkill. I definitely like this guy's style based on his responses to some of their questioning. Contraband indeed...
  19. Sure doesn't, forum reading person who breathes through his nose! I'm not very good at this...
  20. I had to convince them to block the word but it appears the word faggot is still ok to say around here.
  21. Ok.. lets see... In the year 2008 Joe Dell User gets an HD-DVD drive along with his shiny new copy of Windows Vista carefully noting his cool holographic stamps of authenticity. Yay! Joe Dell user tries to install Vista on his 2ghz, fx5200, 512mb system with his 17inch lcd. Shucks! He needs a new monitor with HDCP support. There goes $200... oh! and a videocard that supports this HDCP stuff. Ok.. that's another $70 for one that gets him by.. OH NOESS! AGP cards aren't relevant anymore! Joe has to get a new mobo to use his PCI-E videocard but has no idea how to do that. He calls the local pc wiz kid who promptly laughs at him for even trying to run Vista on that system let alone get a new mobo for a *gasp* Dell. Joe is really cursin up a storm now. Joe ends up breaking down and getting a new Dell system for $1000. He's a hell of a lot poorer now, but he's happy for a good 4 months... until it turns out that HDCP ends up getting beat by a competing digital right management system. :crash:
  22. Why are you posting a list of patched security vulnerabilities?
  23. Excuse us, but we're tired of hearing that same piece of FUD over and over and over and over, hence the reactions. Callous is always the final result when somethin gets picked at over and over again.
  24. Spoken like someone that doesn't know about the reason why Linux is such a secure OS. Linux is ALREADY a heavy target being that it's so prevalent in server systems.
  25. http://www.crn.com/sections/breakingnews/b...cleId=192201386
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