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  1. I was getting so many scandalous emails from the 16 year old crowd I had to put up a notice on my page.
  2. This is why my sister's computer is in the middle of the living room. And she knows her brother will return defective merchandise back to its maker. ...I've got some sites to block....
  3. Neo X1


    NICE! I'm super duper lazy so I've been waiting on this. I'm gonna have tons of fun with mythTV over the summer
  4. IngDirect is the one I want a piece of. Those interest rates are ridiculous.
  5. Is it red? PASS THAT ISHT!
  6. Works fine for me. I saw this about a year or two back though...
  7. I'd tell Adam not to trust that damn Eve!
  8. Neo X1

    Awesome idea

    I can't remember ever seeing an advertisement for Windows XP or OSX anywhere. The only things I ever see are advertisements from companies like Dell and Compaq who sell computers. Linux distributions don't come preinstalled on as many computers as the other two operating systems, hence its relative obscurity (in the desktop world). I just got a scary thought... imagine how crazy it'd be if all of the dozen or so major linux distros decided to advertise at the same time. People wouldn't know what the hell is goin on.
  9. I don't think the crowd they're marketing to really needs anymore than that GMA950.
  10. like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory?
  11. I've watched videos on mine plenty of times. Unless you're watching something with subtitles you won't really care if you're in a position where you're gonna be bored for any long stretch of time. I definitely don't pay for their videos, I encode my own. They're overpriced. Supply and demand structure is broken when there's an unlimited supply - keeping that in mind, their product costs too much. (not that I could buy them anyway, being that there is no iTunes for linux)
  12. Why limit it? Its not like it takes a whole lot more for it to do video. Why complain about extra features that require nominal extra work for them to include?
  13. Neo X1


    I suggest you investigate that.
  14. Neo X1


    There are EIGHT different IRC clients on this page http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and you would rather run mIRC with WINE? I will never understand some people's insistence on switching their operating system but refusing to give up programs that have replacements.
  15. $40 is more than I'm willing to pay still... I'm more into the free methods that I've taken to get computer security. Haven't gotten a virus yet and an 8 year old uses one of the computers.
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