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  1. I also made a mistake the first time I ordered ram...It was an expensive one at the time but I later found a use for it. Thats why I always check. As a side note hp lists that particular ram as compatible on its proliant series of servers only. http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/my/en/sm/WF...18-3261343.html Can you return it? I hope. Then save to match the sticks you already have.
  2. When upgrading memory I check the motherboards manufacturer for the recommended memory. Is this your board? If so click on the memory support list for the list of qualified Vendors. http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Mother...?ProductID=2460 Edit- Or match the memory that you already have installed.
  3. See if this helps- http://www.safer-networking.org/en/faq/42.html Also close all browser windows.
  4. luneylass, Sounds like your browser is set to automatically open zips. See if this info helps. http://www.talkroot.com/misc/24617-cant-sa...es-anymore.html
  5. TracyLynn, Im with you on your post. Ive been in the food service and bartending jobs most of my life. Its late and I had to skim through the posts. The important point I wanted to add...In my area we have old country buffets. The bus workers appear to have a different array of disabilities. I make sure the tip is accordingly,as Im sure the wage is minimal. Its well known...some of the best tippers are those who have been there. Its hard work. And no I dont always go by the rule...15 percent. Ive had waiter and waitresses that deserve 100-200 percent of my bill. Ive also been disappointed at being expected to leave a 15-20 percent tip at a high end resturaunt.(like Ive been to one in 10 years..).
  6. Thanks ...thats where we were having the first issue. Once that was resolved after accepting the licence agreement we never did get the repair option. Not ideal but we did an over the top install. The files she needs are still intact. Im going to pull them off to an external drive and then format and reinstall properly. Edit-to add this was the original message from windows causing it not to boot- Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM
  7. Daughter brought over pc that will not boot into normal or safe mode,last known config. Trying to run xp repair...but it asks which installation? Then we get a command prompt- 1:c:\windows what should I type in here? chkdsk shows only 1 installation. Be gentle Ive never done a repair before.
  8. Lots of good info on that error using google-cyclic redundancy check At what speed did you burn the disc? Burning at a slower speed might help. Heres a good page explaining crc - http://www.softwarepatch.com/tips/cyclic-redundancy.html
  9. Jacee suggested this site to me last month for a similar problem,and it worked like a charm- http://windows.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsit...isplaylang%3Den Scroll down to- What if Im having trouble running the active x control? then use the link to Microsoft Genuine Advantage diagnostic site.
  10. Unfortunately I checked a few of the routers affected in that list to see what the newest firmware notes said for each. BETA!! Not liable for damage....Yikes! Anyway it said it fixed security issue. I think Id hold off on any firmware update until its out of beta. Sorry folks.
  11. Vulnerability reported in some routers and an update is now available from D-link. http://secunia.com/advisories/21081/ Orginal article- http://www.eeye.com/html/research/advisories/AD20060714.html Found some more useful info about firmware updates for those with wireless- from- http://channels.lockergnome.com/news/archi...erability.phtml Quote- Never update the firmware of a wireless router over a wireless connection - always connect a network cable between the computer and the router and update the firmware over that link.
  12. Thanks Jacee, Im going to send her mom an email. In the mean time I suggested she run some scans and stay signed off aim until she gets it cleaned up.
  13. My daughter recieved this message via Aim. It was not sent with the senders knowledge. "anychacnce you can figure out wht's wrong with this pic for me??? (Link to imgzhost withheld) I can't get it to come out right no matter what i do..." My question below- Would jaylodens aimfix work on this?Link to aimfix- http://jayloden.com/aimfix.htm Edit- Yes those spelling errors were exactly how the message came. Edit- To better seperate the AIm message from my question.
  14. Quote from Brandon- Don't buy a Linksys router. It has a very well known security vulnerability that is easily exploited, and Cisco/Linksys hasn't even issued a fix. Please fill us all in!
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