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  1. X1900 owners may add R580 support even to publicly available 15.8 version. To do it you have to force RT to detect R580 as R520. In this case, you'll get fan control and hardware monitoring working. To do it open RivaTuner.cfg file, find [GPU_1002] section and replace "R520 = 7100h,7103h-710Fh" string with "R520 = 7100h,7103h-710Fh,7249h".
  2. No you don't need an FX-60 but remember your at the top of your chip while my FX-60 will prime at 3.0 without a problem and can do the stupid suicide runs at 3.15 all day long. Oh and I can leave my graphics were I really run them when I test with mine. Do you really use 16bit color with that card? http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=CGGV0WDMZ0CSYPQR I think were all in for a shock when the conroes start to hit the market and the game is going to change in a big way, the new AMD chip is going to get caught behind unless they can do something with the DDR2 controller in it.
  3. This is a link to instructions for the correct install and the patch. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=81429
  4. I have done some playing with the dual core patch from Microsoft. I had task manager running in the background with the patch installed and the update version of COD2 taking advantage of the dual core and it showed both cores running at around 75-80 percent average while the game was running. I did not run the test before the patch so I can't say what the difference was but it did make the game much smoother and increased the frame rate by 10-20 percent. Shame is my FX-57 with a single core running at 3.03 24/7 still seems to run the game much better with a single ATI X1900XT but I have an XTX coming for this FX-60 so I can compare more then. Not sure what to do with these SLi 7800GT's they have been a disappointment.
  5. It's really pretty easy to break 4k now even testing as the machine is run with 32bit color and 1280x1024 . http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=CGGV0WDMZ0CSTZCR
  6. LOL it is that unreliable method of running raid 0 with four drives, wait I do that with three different machines and have for years and never had a problem so maybe it isn't so unreliable as others might have you believe but I can tell you that for data access the only thing faster is 8 drives running raid zero. Oh and yes it puts a set of those noisey WD raptors to shame.
  7. Your right, no raid needed you can make up for the raid score by using 16bit color. LOL http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=CGGV0WDMZ0CS6XWR
  8. Rev were really overclocked the same amount since your 175 runs default at 2.2 and my FX-60 is 2.6 default. I am only running it at 3.0 with 1.45 volts and doing some prime to see how stable it will be but it does generate a lot of heat on air. I have a thermaltake 112 pure cu on it now with the 6 heat pipes but the advantage is the fans point right out the back of the case so heat buildup does not occur even after hours of prime with standard case cooling and two 92mm fans on the cpu. Cool and quiet and powerful. I guess I must be missing a setting then, I really don't play much with speed on the card and simply turn the main controller from highest quality to best performance and hadn't looked at any tweaks yet. Not really much point since I just ran the bench to see how it compared.
  9. Rev is yours an XTX or just the XT. I am running just the XT and notice that even 500mhz faster our scores are almost the same except cpu scores of course. My XT peaks around 680x780 with normal cooling, there is a flash of the bios available but I'm not sure if it changes the voltage to the GPU. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=151345
  10. Not sure how you are running COD2, I run it at 1280by1024 with all settings maxed out. Average 55FPS with a x1900xt with no overclock. I have seen as low as 30fps but it is rare and still butter smooth. I often see 75-90 fps so you might check your configuration. The image quality on this x1900xt is the best I have ever seen.
  11. Mine is an air cooled FX-60, http://www.v-rodforums.com/member/bench/3150.JPG
  12. LOL Raid does make all the difference, of course having an nvidia card instead of an old x1900 is also a big plus for your pit score. I have a very tough time with my dual core hitting those kind of graphic scrores. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=XP8C0WFDPMCSCB9R
  13. I was looking at one of your other test run before the current test. It looks as though you have your video drivers installed now and all you need to do is look in your task manager and find out what is running your cpu at 40% all the time. If you shut that down and retest it should be alright then. But if gaming is your main concern don't tweak your system for the pcpitstop test since it has very little to do with gaming and is really limited in how much it can tell you. As far as 1t and 2t goes, yes 1t will show higher bandwidth however keep in mind that with your chip that the memory controller is built into the processor itself. Many test I have seen show that for real applications that running low latency will perform just as well our even outperform high bandwidth on amd chips. So don't be fooled by the higher bandwidth numbers. I know that I can get the same superPI scores using 2-2-2-5 settings at 230mhz as I can running 2.5-4-4-8 running at 300mhz.
  14. First of all the real world difference between 1t and 2t is negligible. If all you do is bench mark then remove two sticks of ram and use only two for bench testing. If you really use your PC for other things then leave the 4 sticks in and don't worry about it being 1t or 2t. Many aplications such as adobe premiere and other things that load a great deal of information work much better with the extra ram no matter what it's set at. You probably also noticed a slow down with the extra ram as often when extra sticks are installed and left at default it will slow the ram down. Example if you have four sticks of pc3200 and leave the settings at default it will boot up and run the four sticks at PC2700 or slower by default. It takes good ram to run all four sticks at the same speed as two would run. Looking at your latest score it appears that you don't have all your drivers installed and your cpu shows to be at 42% during the test. You really have to be careful jumping to conclusions and taking some advice, there really wasn't anything wrong with your system the first time.
  15. Yes most of the opterons will work with non ecc memory. Only some of the early ones or 940 require ecc. I suggest you do a lot of reading first as there are a lot of good steppings out and some not so good steppings available. If you just want to play the 146 and 148's are still pretty cheap and most overclock well. The 165, 170 and 175's have become popular with the dual core people and the price is still much higher and since they have two cores that have to overclock well you don't see as many big numbers from them. The dual cores also share a single memory controller so running the ram at high htt's is much more difficult with the dual cores on average.
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