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  1. PM - 90.7 FM or stream from wmhd.rose-hulman.edu (upper right corner of page)
  2. Our college station plays hip hop and weird stuff like that, but DJs can play anything they want - I'm a classic rock/christian alternative guy. Tune in at 9:30 EST to hear me play music, and talk on the air for miniscule amounts of time whilst I test.
  3. Computer engineering, actually, but close enough to EE - and it's a program called Xilinx for programming a spartan 3 FPGA board. As for the Haute...I can barely get away from this place long enough to do something in the haute. Church on Sunday is about it for me. Oh, I'm also going to be a radio DJ here tomorrow. wmhd.rose-hulman.edu Right now I co-host a 7:30 morning show...and by 7:30, I mean right about now, because I have no clue what time zone I'm in...I think eastern right now...
  4. http://www.jzie.com/images/circuit2.jpg (100kb+) Pretty fun stuff...intense, but this is a circuit I designed recently...it's not quite complete, but when it is, it will be a hardware based screensaver that involves a box moving around and changing colors when it hits the edge of a screen. Next year I'll have the opportunity to design my own processor, as well as a program for it to interpret. I have a feeling it will be slightly more complicated than this design. Study study study...it's given me something to do other than hang around here all day!
  5. I invite you to enjoy this Friday with some Robert Randolph http://www.robertrandolph.net/ His music simply rocks. Some electric pedal guitar...or lots of it. Happy Friday!
  6. http://mrspeaker.webeisteddfod.com/2006/01...acking-pinball/ I'm not sure you can get high scores like this, but I found it to be fun. Just click and drag.
  7. Friday's now mean SCI-FI Friday - New episodes of Stargate SG-1
  8. Dude, you got a Dell. At least, that's what it looks like.
  9. However, using that icon only requires users to have it loaded once...once someone has it loaded once, then it's on the system...unless all the temp files are deleted.
  10. By recent, I mean in the past 10 years or so. I was just curious to know if you all had any ideas of interesting information technology (usually a product or service) in the recent past. I'll be writing a report about something, but I feel limited at the moment. Things like the iPod, ebay, or things like that. Any topics you can throw out there I'd be glad to hear. Thanks!
  11. Take a look at the bid history... Seems kind of odd if you ask me...
  12. Ah, the old kwh meter spinning around. Turn off your lights, lower CPU usage, remove unused anythings from the systems, turn off monitors...etc... I don't know how much an AC pulls in, but if you assume each computer pulls in say...100 watts of power as it's being used...that's 0.1 kilowatts, on all day...30 days a month, that's about 72 kwh...at about 10 cents per kwh, that's 7 bucks a month/computer. I have no idea how many watts your computers are actually using, and my cost per kwh is only an estimate. This post is essentially useless I think, but I thought I would make some use of what I'm learning in college. So...your bill is increasing 110 bucks a month...assuming 10 cents/kwh, that's $13.75 per computer per month, which would mean about 200 watts per computer is being used, not 100. (Edit: Of course, if your AC was not running in the past, then this would probably change...) So...maybe we all learned something? Heh, good luck lowering those costs! Just keep turning stuff off whenever you can to save on electricity...little bits add up to a lot in the end.
  13. I've been guilty of it.. I know for IE there was a manual patch thing you could do that got rid of it...don't know about FF though.
  14. Ick - most like the PSU - the computer itself would probably have shut off if the processor was getting too hot, so that SHOULD be ok. What I would do is clean it VERY thoroughly with a lot of compressed air, then replace the PSU. It is important to know, though, that Dell likes to use proprietary connectors for their motherboards, so a regular PSU might not connect right to the motherboard - sometimes you have to actually purchase an adapter for that to work...I'm not sure about the 2400, but if you buy a PSU that is built for it, you are ok. Something like this: http://www.ascendtech.us/itemdesc.asp?ic=C...MEN2400&eq=&Tp= Good luck indeed.
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/bod...enseschallenge/ 7/20 Some of the questions are dumb, but a lot of them are pretty neat and interesting.
  16. If your power jack on your laptop is broken, then you do indeed have a problem. If it's under warranty, they MIGHT cover it - doubt it though. If you could provide a picture of how damaged it is, it would help. I would call your manufacturer's tech support or visit a local shop and see if it is fixable. I don't suggest trying to do it yourself, as laptops tend to be tricky when it comes to the guts.
  17. Search google imags for "1024x768" You would be surprised at the results.
  18. Driving is easy - just make sure you don't get overconfident, because then wrecks happen. You get the hang of it pretty quickly.
  19. I browsed the Pit all the time at my last job...needless to say, I don't have that job anymore.. Actually, I quit because I started college, but nobody ever cared - so long as I got my work done and did work when people needed it done.
  20. For the first time in a while, one of those things surprised me.
  21. Surprising... I think other countries have different laws regarding music copyrights though.
  22. I'm looking for a good way to purchase music online...easily too - high quality Mp3s...I believe walmart sells them for 88 cents...anyone know of any cheaper?
  23. Gotta post so I know what it is. Edit: Simple humor, based off cheesy testimonials...I don't even have a marriage, or a family!
  24. Neaterfic When I left for school my brother took over my furniture - he put his TV on my alternate desk. Ah well - your room looks clean, keep it that way.
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