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  1. If you got 3 bad keys and you're sure there isn't dirt, I'd venture a guess that it's the hardware.
  2. Well, to do that I have to rip out the motherboard, which I don't feel like doing really. All I really want is a new fan to stick on there, just not sure exactly which fan to purchase - at least as far as size goes.
  3. I like the online solvers. I found an applet thing once that let you put in your current combination, then it would generate a solution for you, complete with step-by-step video of how to turn the cube.
  4. artic silver, that sounds right to me. Thanks. That fan looks about the right size - my mobo has a heatsink, and a circular fan with two screwholes sits on top of it. So it doesn't look like I need that fan, as it's got it's own heatsink deal. It's labeled as Chasis fan 2 on the (CHAFAN2) on the board.
  5. I've got a motherboard fan going out (Soyo KT-400 Ultra)...it's a small white fan that looks to be about 35 mm wide...just looking for a good fan to stick in there in it's place. Also, I'm going to redo the heatsink - what's a good brand of compound I can put on there? It's been a while since I've done this. Thanks.
  6. My school has a machine with Premier on it - it works great and runs a lot faster than most other video editing programs I've used.
  7. Leaving at 2:00 today on a mission trip to Gulfport - this is during my spring break here...it's about a 15 hour drive or so until we get to the church we're staying with. I appreciate all your prayers, as it's a long drive, it's going to be kinda warm and a lot of work, but it should be incredible fun. I'll be sure to come back with some pictures!
  8. You and me got the same major. Very similar requirements, we just cram 3 semesters of calc and physics into one year. Here's my course outline: http://www.rose-hulman.edu/Catalogue05-06/...ram-compeng.htm In first year, I'm sure there are other majors you can switch to and not be far behind. Just try to find something you like, but remember it'll get crazy intense with the computer engineering stuff in later years. Engineering weeds all the dumb people out good in the first year. Good luck in whatever you choose. Chops advice looks sound to me!
  9. PM - 90.7 FM or stream from wmhd.rose-hulman.edu (upper right corner of page)
  10. Our college station plays hip hop and weird stuff like that, but DJs can play anything they want - I'm a classic rock/christian alternative guy. Tune in at 9:30 EST to hear me play music, and talk on the air for miniscule amounts of time whilst I test.
  11. Computer engineering, actually, but close enough to EE - and it's a program called Xilinx for programming a spartan 3 FPGA board. As for the Haute...I can barely get away from this place long enough to do something in the haute. Church on Sunday is about it for me. Oh, I'm also going to be a radio DJ here tomorrow. wmhd.rose-hulman.edu Right now I co-host a 7:30 morning show...and by 7:30, I mean right about now, because I have no clue what time zone I'm in...I think eastern right now...
  12. http://www.jzie.com/images/circuit2.jpg (100kb+) Pretty fun stuff...intense, but this is a circuit I designed recently...it's not quite complete, but when it is, it will be a hardware based screensaver that involves a box moving around and changing colors when it hits the edge of a screen. Next year I'll have the opportunity to design my own processor, as well as a program for it to interpret. I have a feeling it will be slightly more complicated than this design. Study study study...it's given me something to do other than hang around here all day!
  13. I invite you to enjoy this Friday with some Robert Randolph http://www.robertrandolph.net/ His music simply rocks. Some electric pedal guitar...or lots of it. Happy Friday!
  14. Doesn't Canada have something like almost no gun murders every year?
  15. I have officially declared a 10:00 PM party every day. It will include happy music such as Cheeseburger in Paradise, and the Cheers theme.
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