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  1. THANX everybody for your help - the 123renamer finally worked and I got rid of the files - thank you again... CHRIS
  2. I have tried and used everything you have suggested with dos and the command prompt - and boot disk - no luck...it keeps saying cannot access file because being used by another process...
  3. To "Firekracker" - it's almost as if file wasn't downloaded completely? When I right-click file and select properties it says archive at 99%...but I fear to download again because of virus associated with it...whan Norton deleted it that might have been part of that file - what do you think?
  4. I am back - eating pizza with my kids. Anyways, to answer "firecracker's" question - that was bad sentence structure...what I meant to say was file was downloaded to Document and Settings\username\downloads directory where Norton caught a virus near end of download. The virus in question was quaritined and I later deleted it. The file, however, residing in download directory refuses to be deleted or renamed or whatever..? What could cause this - I don't know? I think I have tried most of everything except "Bear's" sugestion - I will try that next. As far as "James.halsey's" comment about safe mode - I tried that already with nothing running.... any help would be appreciated. THANX everybody CHRIS
  5. Yes I tried deleting file in safe mode to no effect - but also I accidentally created a shortcut of file - and now that file cannot be deleted or touched for that matter.......what do I do......this is mindboggling.
  6. I can't change directories or anything - because it says the particular file is in use and its not...I am starting to get frustrated...PLEASE HELP ME.
  7. HERE IT IS: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...PUAKW46Z3MSG6S3 THANX
  8. I tried Jackel's solution - however did not work - said file did not exist...though I am looking right at it?
  9. I think this is it...? http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/detailedsummary.asp Thanx...
  10. The error message I get goes something like this: "Cannot delete, rename, etc. file because it is being accessed by another person or program." However, I have tried shutting things down - even in safe mode - and even not loading anything at startup...so what gives? Please help... CHRIS
  11. Sorry, I can not even rename the file - delete it or otherwise - even tried through the command prompt...what do I do?
  12. When downloading a file my NORTON VIRUS found virus and deleted it. However, the after file finished download...I am trying to delete it but my computer refuses to let me delete it. What should I do?
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