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  1. accoring to this article...(checking apples to apples...) http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NzkxLDEx not really...
  2. Correct... GTX is Nvidia's New name for the ultra... I think it means something like GT Xtreme or something?
  3. he sold all his parts...and is waiting for new parts to come out before he buys them all... and thats 2 7800GTX's right Sho?
  4. Patience My Friend... By the end of the month youll see something from the Pentium D Line....if i get the video card by then not the EE by any means...but ...... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMEWN%3AIT&rd=1 mobo and ram by tommorow...and CPU hopefully sometime this week or next
  5. i just stared getting time off so im lurking around the forums..i almost forgot about your forums...
  6. its like every competition...no one has a good enough setup yet...
  7. Im doing the same exact stuff on my computer.. DVD Video..Editing, converting, Encoding, copying...and whatever else i can and im still able to download and surf the web on my system...and i only have 512 MB ram.... DVD +/- R/RW drive is a big limiter... i do all that on the system below
  8. got my T-shirt and cap...thanks ray showed up at my door when i was getting ready for work... and i was like whats this? didnt recognise the name but i knew the WD part...so i opened it up and there was the shirt and cap
  9. soooo...what motherboard would go good with this?
  10. Great job guys.... good luck with the prizes ILL BE BACK IN THE NEXT COMPEITION WITH A VENGEANCE...WATCH OUT FOR ME
  11. it is wednesday when you posted.... maybe you mean tonight BTW RAP...the PI's do get something right? i didnt see anything mentioned in the rules about it...
  12. who was playing nice? i see FX-55 VAPo'ed vs intels on air...
  13. Hey so...rap...is the Lovely Vanna going to be drawing the random winners again?
  14. Sorry man...youre a little late anywaiz...RAP when can we PM you with our info?
  15. I have a Dell E193FP and it has the same problem...i learned that only the dell ultrasharps(1905FP or something) can get high resolutions.... i dont know what monito you have...and i dont feel like readin...
  16. o wow....nice job people... nice turn out this time
  17. total - 1624 tip - follow the suggestions of the pit and youll speed up a bit
  18. shut this down and retest C:\WINDOWS\system32\RUNDLL32.EXE (Various)
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