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  1. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=81N7NW1UENQS88DU the video looks ok in the pit test...but it seems to be something up with 3d03 lagging....and FPS is below 50 in the airplane portion... any one have any insight on this problem? i change drivers....did 3 complete formats...and still no change...
  2. man i iddnt have internet for a whoole day...now im back and ready to test 3d03 again... hopefully its back and working...everything seemed to go fine in the driver install... this is the 3rd complete format... edit: still a no go on the 3d03...
  3. now i gotta go figure out whats wrong with 3d03
  4. nice choice... remember i have an EE chip also
  5. my 3d03 got jacked up for som reason...and now its lagging in the first test....
  6. woohoo... Maybe you should change the title to Starting today i dont know if people relize its a friday and it starts today...i didnt notice
  7. i think it may be all my benchmark problems...they all lag like heck now...even after formats...
  8. anyone know what the PCI device is? cuz im trying to figure out whats with that...cuz it wont install and i dont know what to do..
  9. HDtach and atoo like this...kinda...but i dont know about the pit test... keeps going under 100 now...i reformated just now to a 32 stripe
  10. i refomatted to a 32 stripe and im still getting about the same results...unsing CCleaner and VOPTXP
  11. didnt you notice this thread? http://pcpitstop.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=96746
  12. you sure your looking at the right test? i see 1% and 1%
  13. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=RJEENWBHPNQSLSBU something is funky about the IO score here... i think i was so mad and tired that i did a 64K stripe...shouldnt make a big difference tho right?
  14. lol...way hot CPU tho... i need a vapo to atleast coot this thing down...
  15. here ya go raptor Pentium D 3.2EE @ 3.2 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=4162009 15663+8%= 16916 yea...in the TOP 10
  16. this thing runs a COOL 80 degrees Celcius :rofl3:
  17. umm...the Blue IDE slot still works.... just not the EIDE slots...
  18. some test... http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=30461 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?pcm04=3041645 is something up with the CPU-z? OR AM I actually running @ 2.8?
  19. youll find out what happened if you read the old thread
  20. Intel Raid (ICH7R), Raid0 w/ 32 stripe and yes 3 drives im running a DDR800 @ 5-5-5-12 especially since i have the EE edition of the dual core which has HT
  21. he said since this is a short competition no hardware changes allowed
  22. now the best thing, but its a fresh install...no tweaks... http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=RJEENWBHPNQSLSBU was expecting a higher HD score tho...
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