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  1. i like the look of the MSI 5950U......wish i had the money ot upgrade like you guys... i like the red board and the heat sink around the fan...nice design of the pc too...
  2. test again and see what happens.....cuz me thinky that is a test glitch ram score and vid score are near impossible for that system
  3. nope....its set at 4....only fat32 will be able to
  4. i thot the multiplier is a set amount?...thot u cant change it..mines cant
  5. for some reason my computer....in the bios was set to a 256 in the sgp size i think thats was it was....changed it back to 128...would that have made i difference on the score?
  6. nope...too much imp. info on here...in the last 3 months i think ive refomatted 5 times due to various computer crashes and lock ups and other things i guess i can deal with this for now... wish they made dual p4 400fsb mobos cuz i have another 1.6 laying around.....doin nothing...i damaged one sent it into intel and i couldnt wait a month for the processor to come back so i bought another and they over 1 month later i got me p4 1.6....keep in mind this was 2 year ago...i think...so now i have the one still in the orig box
  7. hehe...that is too much for for me..haha also do not wanna purchase software im goni to use once.... can i resize a new partition and then copy partitions change it to fat32 and copy back the partition or would that not work?
  8. yea but i cant change it cuz that would get rid of all the infromation...wouldnt it? i use acronis partitionexpert
  9. hehe...yea...nice comp that i have huh?...hehe... trying to get 1000 but i cant get it there... that would be the best comp ever...hehe
  10. here it is in 1280x1024 http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...V03AW9JGEMS1HC3 here it is in 1024x768 http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...M34AW9JGEMSAFC3 maybe thatts just cuz i have omega drivers?
  11. yea...mines runs at 150+ in the pit....at that screen size...but then again im just running a 1.6ghz p4
  12. too bad....you can enter that into the stock score list cuz your 5600 is running at 490...and the limit is 460
  13. clos down all backround programs running and defragment your hardrive...
  14. many compnies advertise a HD thats big...but they dont put the cached speed cuz they know people dont know to lok at that....they kno pepole only look at the size...which is a clever marketing scheme
  15. for some readeon your laptop is reading only 500 and some change at the processor speed...if you can up your core speed back to like 200 then youll be running great...
  16. those VIA drivers have some type of max boost interlaced into them jacking up your unchached....they glitches had not been fixed yet so you much not wanna try them out till theyre fully finished drivers...
  17. up your resolution if you can...your score low cuz of that smaller screen size....
  18. test in 32bit color and yuoll score over 1000....its as simple as that...i mean who uses 16bit color anymore? they test for 32bit the pit...not a higher vid score....
  19. hows this? [email protected] 400fsb radeon 9600XT 3434 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=2066343
  20. well...my processor is the only thing slowing down the vid card...or else i would have a high score on this system
  21. alrite...how about now? http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=2100124
  22. i cannot submit online....every time i sublit it says submission failed...
  23. right now its off to school for me so i will post the scores later
  24. sometimes you have to right click and show picture.... the score was 3307 but you still haveto put in a key dont you? last time i tried the trial limited options.....
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