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  1. I dont think you will see much of an overclock difference... Most "test" for high end overclock results... use extreme methods of cooling if you know what i mean. But in real world situations its all in the experience of the user in the amount of overclocking you will see.. But i had the debate of the x58 classified, rampage II extreme and the rampage II gene....if i wanted to spend the money on the top end board then i would go with the x58 classified... The x58 classified does have a nice lifetime warranty, and has a LOT of options in the overclock department.... but how
  2. Yea...I actually have a modified 3.5" slot fan intake to put in if I need it. But yea...it is out but i have to wait and find a place that has it in stock....maybe i can find it locally soon...i dont like waiting for shipping of cases...cuz its such a big box and i usually am no home to get big boxes...so newegg is my last option for now... Even if it doesnt have great airflow...there alot of room for modifications...
  3. So heres my final build. Intel i7 920 (batch b - D0 stepping.) - $200 for 3845( too good to be true) - $265 for the 3849b. Asus rampage II gene - $215 Corsair xms3 6gb kit - $155 Intel 80gb ssd gen.2 - $227 I will pull my coolermaster v10 from the old system and pull the 4850 from the old system and the PCP&C 750w and everything else should be set. I decided on the rampage gene because i dont find the need for more than 2 cards... I will be getting the new Corsair CC800DW when they become available. I hope i made a good choice on all my hardware and i ho
  4. wait...how come it only says 3072mb ram on the cpu-z?or is it all like that in the new systems?
  5. so you think the CPU is maxed out or the is something limiting more?
  6. amazing score....and that disk score is pretty sweet..... You would be top if that internet score wasnt dragging ya a bit.
  7. Since it is a mid tower case...i had to take the WHOLE motherboad out and stick it in the same way...the damn thing was too tall to slide back with the removable motherboard tray. HAHA I had it mounted on the with everything screwed in on the removable motherboard tray...when i go to stick it back in... it hits the back plate...so i had to take it all off and put the mobo tray back and then put in the mobo and heatsink... not taking this out for a LONG time but it gives my 10+ degrees cooler compared for the intel stock and the secondary heatsink and fan combo i tried. I ac
  8. It should have been but the funds never became available. haha
  9. My rig...tight fit i know...haha I will be getting some more parts in soon to help cool this case...but for now...this is good... 2x vornados on medium setting for intakes....to cool the hard drives... 1x 120mm coolermaster on rear for exhaust...modified to outside of the case. 1x case fan on top for exhaust...
  10. I figured out the source to my problems...its my ram...haha...time to find some new stuff...hehe...
  11. Hehe...Ive only Started with the over clocking...but im getting up there.... I think this is very nice for an overclocked score.... 3.2ghz @ 3.856ghz http://pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid...;report=Summary heres the original overclock score to compare.. ;-) 3.2ghz @ 3.84ghz http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=22564202 Check out the jump in CPU score ;-) Headed for the top 10%...lets see how that works out...haha...i dont know how much higher i can push this PC...but i will see what happens...
  12. Tried to break the 15% results but this is the best i can do...16% world ranking... Cant seem to overclock any higher...but theres probably some settings i could fool around with in the bios to allow a higher o/c...but i will have to figure them out later http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=22564202 Updated score @15% ranking http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=22565232
  13. o yea...if i had the money i would blow it on something like this.... i have this board..... wait...is that premium or standard?
  14. i think you should solder the pins together and youll get a faster hard drive..
  15. what are the specs on the computer... that looks pretty good...
  16. just click "mark" and it will run all the test...
  17. Got my LianLi case in on saturday..so yea...got finished setting it up in the case today with all the fans...
  18. he doesnt have the $1000 for this chip
  19. i this any good for all stock and first run ever? :rofl3: http://crystalmark.info/CrystalMark/09en/r...ng.php?ID=40330
  20. first run ever....ran all the test...all stock.... http://service.futuremark.com/compare?pcm05=77145 top stock Intel Pentium D
  21. this is a hard decision.... :help: aww...WTH....sure... ill have this beast finished with a vapo by that time....
  22. depending on when this competition will start....and when this competition will end..
  23. are there better raid drivers or do they make a difference on the IO? and how come yours doesnt show as an EE?
  24. i dont think it can burn on a vapo chill......
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