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  1. i never for a pit gun or a badge for that matter
  2. i mean the score from the PIT test...like required cuz hes needs that stuff for the list...
  3. close this process down... C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe (Various) and tip - list the video type, CPU type, and cooling type
  4. webbie you should have to either fill in the extra info or let him fill it in.... ex....CPU score, video score, etc for TGIC's sake so he doesnt have to go searching
  5. you got what you paid for and nothing more you can turn them off anytime... i score 6000+ points overclocking VS. unlocking tip - uncheck bit 3 and bit 13 to go back to your regular settings... the EVGA's suck at unlocking, but do well scoring wise...trust me i had one for 6 months and i o/c'ed the heck outta it
  6. anothony and scott will be out soon...as line as carrie is i nthe bottom 2-3 im cool with that
  7. C:\WINDOWS\system32\RUNDLL32.EXE (Various) ....cant have it running TIP - Test in 16-bit color for higher score
  8. Riva Tuner-> click first tiangle next to customize->click the video card looking this(Low Level System Settings)-> NVstrap driver tab-> then i think you click install, and then theres something after that...i forget
  9. if it doesnt work well send it my way....ill take the donation
  10. total - 2675 hmm...very suspicious with not internet d/l score
  11. i think thats the first case ive seen where it doesnt raise the pit score in 16-bit
  12. how did you get that calculation? anyways...... total - 1935 cant be o/c and take 8%
  13. i think it all depends on the system i got a max ~400/800+
  14. you probably wont find much in the standard 6800 EVGA
  15. total - 1361 tip - defragment with diskeeper lite .......change max IE cache to ~75 (tools->internet options->under temp internet settings click settings button, and change to ~75) .......uninstall weatherbug
  16. C:\WINDOWS\system32\RUNDLL32.EXE (Various) cant have that running
  17. total - 2424? or am i not getting something?
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