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  1. There are VERY mixed review on this cooler. I find it to be pretty nice... And no only low profile memory will work...i had to work around that... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...5-242-_-Product suprising how much the price has jumped on these...these were 180 and i got them on sale for 155...and now they are $200...hmmm You are seriously playing with the intel stock cooler? what has this world come to? hahah...thats with no load...i bet the temps soar above 100(load) for the stock cooler...haha
  2. Thats why i never went water...seems like too much maintaining...haha I think youll be happy with the cooler... When i started putting together my setup i noticed asus was nice enough to drill the 775 socket mounting holes so i used it rather than taking a few minutes to change to the 1366 brackets...haha Anyways...looking forward to seeing what happens with the extreme edition and that cooler....they always seem to run a little hotter than the standards..
  3. any reason why your not using the vapochill anymore?
  4. I use USPS all the time...a box bigger than the item and good packing helps... Thats all i use for ebay sales...its cheaper...especially with the flatrate boxes.. But usually with warranty stuff i sent back UPS because of tracking...
  5. Thats how my temps are at 4.0ghz with the case side off...but then again i have a good chip about 5-8 deg more with the side on...
  6. Yea...it seems like going over 200bclk is the only problem i have yet to figure out with these boards. I hit 200x21 and 200x20 and everything goes well....anything over i really have to play around with settings just to get it booted up but nothing is stable yet....
  7. I have the coolermaster v10....I dont know that it makes much of a difference but i used the Coolermaster Thermalfusion 400 paste... It was designed for the v8/v10 coolers.... I get about 40C/70C...idle/load at 4.0ghz w/ 1.20v.... and according to all the reviews the v8 has the same performace as the v10...
  8. Already Using it. Its pretty sweet...Compared to Vista ...XP was great to me...
  9. Thanks... I think i kinda give up...haha...its not even stable at 4.4ghz... Maybe i will try again some other time. 4.0ghz @ 1.20v is rock stable...but everything above that doesnt seem stable at all...
  10. So i guess timings were too tight? I had to jump from 7-7-7-20 and anything over 4.0 i jumped to 9-9-9-24....i hit the MEMOk button on the motherboard and let the motherboard choose a failsafe setting for the memory...and it booted up http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=783543 Also upped the NB voltage to 1.25 and the QPI/DRAM to 1.4 Are ATI boards naturally bad at 2d scoring? http://pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=22849063 EDIT: Hmm...maybe its not the ram timings....i just set it to 8-8-8-24 and it booted...one of the things i was playing with is a fa
  11. thanks for the info....its time to get some sleep...i will update you in the morning... :-)
  12. Set it up to 210x20 QPI/DRAM set in increments between 1.45-1.5...starts to boot up then freezes right before it gets to windows boot screen...didnt want to set it any higher...since it is considered in the yellow zone according to the book. I had my CPU upped to 1.25 and still nothing past BIOS screen... my current CPU @ 4 ghz is 1.20....so i still have a huge amount of headroom...just got me so stumped...
  13. i havent set it above 1.35... is that a safe setting on the qpi/dram?
  14. bumped the IOh NB and SB both to 1.2 No asus turboV Line Load is enabled really getting urked...its never been this much of a problem to overrclock before.. CPU skew is set to 200 (just to play around) IOK+H skew i set to 100(just to mess around) Still not getting much response
  15. CPU level up is overclocking to i7 940/ 960 specs. Memory level up is clocking memory to DDR3-1200/1600/2000 and setting bclk respectively... Im stumped too...it went directly from 2.6 to 4.0 when i started it up...but anymore it seems to just stop. ARGGGG EDIT QPI is set to auto...but has been set from 1.25-1.35
  16. i actually tried under clocking the ram... CPU is set 210x20 So its set at DDR3-1263 UCLK is at 2526 and tried 2736(more than 2x) and @ DDR3-1683 UCLK @ 3368 no response This board doesnt do multipliers...it sets actual values... and i still hit a wall..it wont even boot up like it should...it will sit there with no response and no output to the monitor
  17. still hitting a wall trying to get over 200bclk...could it be my ram? Everything goes smoothly when up to 200 bclk...but man...it just run straight into a brick wall figuring out how to get over the hump.
  18. how long is it supposed to take? it seems like its taking 400 sec. per test.
  19. wireless mouse (logitech g7), wired keyboard(logitech g15) both on USB connectors... Had to Up the voltage a bit to 1.2 @ 4.0ghz...running IBT
  20. seems when i set it to 205x20 or more the SATA ports and usb ports shut off...and the motherboard tries to detect them...and it seems to freeze after it tries to detect the usb devices... I dont know whats going on...
  21. I got 2 cpu's to play around with... and it seems the second one performs a whole hell of a lot better. now its a matter of testing to find out how to get myself over the 200bclk.... still on factory timings @ 7-7-7-20
  22. 13 minutes is stress testing @ 4.0ghz w/ 1.18v but stil hitting a wall @ 4.0ghz+
  23. hmmm...yea i tried that...15x215...still no boot... i switch something...and i think the voltages will suprise you... ... Currently stress testing it....will post after 10+ minutes of stress testing...
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