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  1. I think i need more space on my computer... I know i cant move the old windows XP installed drives over to my new system. but i was wondering if i could move my storage drives from one system to another without losing data? I thought i could do this but i have to be sure. I havent done a move before and i want to make sure i can do it before i move it and lose data it... Thanks guys...
  2. sometime things get shifted.... or maybe its shorting out on something. if you dont have any standoffs in the case. Anyways...also try to unplug the floppy if you have one connected...
  3. It maybe the ram needs to be reseated... or the CPU got seated incorrectly?
  4. so you need a case and power supply and all? Or do you have dvd drives or anything?
  5. if it is rated 9-9-9-24...You can probably only do 8-8-8-24...but its all in the testing. But if you want tighter timings i would say the only way to really get down that low is to under clock the ram. I think most all kits previous to like 2-3 months ago....were rated 9-9-9-24 or something similar. Now you can find timings around 7-8-7-20....in the ddr-3 kits.
  6. This is why i dont use such large drives for important info... They are mostly for storage....for movies and whatever else ;-)...pictures and important stuff always go on an semi small external drive for me...mosst of my externals are about 250gb...... but yea...sledge or a hammer or a drill for it will work... actually lot of recycling places will do free shredding of hard drives...atleast locally here in OR there is alot of places that will do it. Because they know alot of large companies and people have sensitive info on their drives.
  7. So i Have tried a few options but i cant seem to figure out the problem... I tried O&O defrag and it doesnt recognize my RAID0 ntfs drives....or my ntfs storage drive...I can recognise my FAT32 drive though... Before i did a SP3 upgrade this was all working fine. I also tried diskeeper 2009...it recognized all the drives but wont defrag any of them... Anyone have any idea? http://pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid...;report=Summary Its affecting my drive speeds....
  8. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=YFBYHWRSM0WSFJ8W hehe...this looks good for now...im just trying to figure out whats wrong with my router right now...might be a conflict issue or something... but i dont know how the scores go here anymore so i hope this is good Laters
  9. sounds kinda corny...but i guess this is a big acomplishment on an intel... http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=MJW7NWU1XNQSDH8U
  10. Well for one thing you bought Deathstars..... i mean Hitachi Deskstars
  11. thanks for the info guys...i will have something up and running by the end of summer
  12. I havent been here in a while...been working my butt off, but im interested in getting one of the 2 mentioned above for a new project... whats going to be a major difference in the 2? and which one should i get?
  13. well since im your partner i guess im obligated to say Happy Birthday
  14. http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=86660 post your score there and read the rules on how to post...
  15. I know there is a deals section but i dont think anyone looks there... Dell Home is having another $750 off $1499 coupon for Inspiron laptops and Dimension Desktops. Coupons start tomorrow April 21 at 8AM CDT (6AM PDT). The last $750 coupon lasted only 45 minutes so be ready.
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