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  1. Greetings MLT......It appears as though somewhere along your net travels/searches you've, perhaps, picked up a "program" that is obviously running in the background, which is why your CPU load is at 18%. This is a very high percentage, and some of that is, in all likelyhood, due to the plethora of processes you simply don't need running to begin with. Some may say to dive directly to "msconfig" and clear out all those checked boxes, but before going that route, I suggest you navigate to your control panel/administrative tools/services. I'm not sure if blackviper has his website back up and running, but if so, go there and use his XPSP2 services guide to shut down some of the services that the folks at microsoft love to weigh your PC down with, THEN go run msconfig and shut down everything except for your firewall. After which, reboot, and if you can, run another PIT test. I realize that my suggestion/s are not narrowing down the specific problem file/program that is causing your rig to do what it's doing, but first thing's first, and that would be to clean up the running processes/services, get rid of the junk files, and defrag. What's more, you would do yourself a favor by cleaning up your registry with a utility, some of which are free (i.e. regscrub). After you've done all this, chances are it will be far easier to detect the problem file/program. I see a couple things from your HJT that are suspect, but I'm not gonna go there quite yet because they could be linked to something else. RegScrub
  2. Thanks Dickster This project has turned into a bit of a struggle to attain the exact finish that I visualized from the outset. Might actually take a few more "phases" before I'm through. UGH!
  3. I've been wanting to paint my case since I bought it, and have finally gotten around to doing so. Here's a couple pics (titled "rigpaint_phase1/rigpaint2_phase1) , along with some other shots of my rig/desktop setup. When I'm finished it will have a more reflective finish, similar to that of chrome wheels.
  4. You've received some excellent advice from some of the most knowledgeable members of this site/forum. However, I'd be remiss not to add the well known fact in the computing/tweaking/oc'ing community. That being, there truly is no "best system" , there are only "best configurations" , which can also be attributed to compatibility with regards to hardware. The irony there is that the best configuration for any one particular system has to do with what the owner chose/could afford in the way of hardware, and that same owners' ability to tweak that hardware to work in conjunction with it's surroundings. You most certainly have an outstanding list of hardware, and since you've gone on record as saying, "I know what I'm doing", perhaps you can see the logic that maybe, just maybe, there are quite a few people here that know what they're doing, and by working with them, perhaps your knowledge and theirs will equate to the "best configuration" for your rig. Best of luck with whatever you decide upon, but always remember, a comparison upon the unknown is in all likelyhood a sure-fire way to limit your depth of knowledge.
  5. Thanks for pinning this thread Raymo. It's nice to have some visuals when you're thinking about doing some case mods.
  6. Thanks Beast_USA Still have a couple details to do on the sleeving, which I'm not looking forward to. Sleeving is definitely one of those mods that tests your patience, but the end result is worth it.
  7. May God bless, keep, and comfort you and yours during this painful time in your lives. You have my sincere condolences.
  8. I'm 50% realist, and 50% optimist. The realist in me says that whenever I'm being insulted, I must first consider the source, then consider the fact that the person doing the insulting may, in all likelyhood, be doing so to bolster their frail ego. Of course, this thought process only lasts about 6 seconds. Any further investement of my time to analyze that person would be an exersise in futility.
  9. I bought this case for my son this past Christmas, and as soon as I started building it up I wished that I hadn't. Although I've built a few rigs, I'm definately not a pro. However, after having my head in this case a few times, I can say with absolute certainty that you can do much better if you can spend a few extra bucks. If it sounds like I'm warning you off of this case, it's because I am. Alternative for that "few extra bucks" Or, just a "couple extra bucks" .......This is actually the case I have right now, and have used to build two other rigs. Granted, no extra cool gamer lights, but that is an easily solved problem..............Led sticks/fans etc.
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