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  1. i understand your concept but here in ontario, you can't even do that without someone calling childrens services or cas.(childrens aide services) anyone that gets reported gets investigated and the hell starts, so in other words you can't as much raise your hands at any kid even if it's to discipline, so we have to revert to other methods of discipline.
  2. if you where 2 years old would you understand why you got smacked, for doing something you thought was fun? with my god daughter i put up things i don't want her to touch.
  3. a 2 year old child doesn't know why your smaking there hands, if they do something wrong that kind of discipline usally doesn't work as they will end up doing the same mistake as they did at a later time.(they don't remember what they did ) there brains aren't as developed as a adults brain. just take for example my 3 year old god daughter she does things like hide things that i need, like my apt keys i ask here where she put them either she leads me to them or just smile's. and i find them later as it was my fault, i left them where she can get them so why scold her or spank her hands doesn't make a bit of sence to me. and yes i helped raise kids with previous relationships i was in, there are other ways to discipline young one's without getting agressive in the process.
  4. just be glad your nephew didn't stick it in the toilet my 3 year old god daughter has a habit of doing things like that.
  5. another idea is a/c in the room where your comp is sitting, as the cool air will bring the temps down. the temps in my case before i threw the a/c in the window hovered around 47c, and i couldn't play games without it crashing to the desktop. it's now around 42c at load 40c idle.
  6. reedcusa, ummm.... where did i say anything about getting mp3, movies, etc? i can't comment without getting stepped on.
  7. huh that doesn't have any spyware to begin with, you must be talking about the bloatware kazaa that comes with every little ad you ever wanted.
  8. you can talk about it but you can't put a link to the pit, for the program thats why the link got toasted. and the one that started this thread hasn't said anything about any programs or such on kazaa, just that he is having problems.
  9. shellmoon, your gonna have to decide if you wanna do a low level format, as things that you tried are not helping any because i don't wanna say do it then something happens. for whatever reason you can't get windows to install after the low level format, the ball is in your court if you wanna do this. or wait and see if anyone else here, can give you more input on what to do. unless dickster has something up his sleeve
  10. i know that but the things they put on these cigerrette packs are rediculous.
  11. ummm......jake i don't need viagra there bud, and the other pack of cigs well someone would have to be really lazy enough to have there teeth look like that. my teeth are white and healthy, you guys have to much on your hands.
  12. heh, jake i have to say this your gonna die sometime down the road, as you worry to much like in this thread.
  13. the thing about it is this,, the person in front of you or the back or side of you if they light a cig in public like outside. they don't know if that person smokes or not, if the person doesn't like it they usually move away but if i knew someone that didn't smoke no, i wouldn't smoke in there house car but outside thats a different thing. i usually tell them i gonna have a smoke and if they follow, and i gave fair warning then i'm not gonna stop lighting a cig. anyone in this world anyone will die sometime or another, hell you can just fall and get killed if you hit your head the right way its all facts of life. i'm not gonna get on someone that has some other bad habit, and i don't like and get on there backs for it. it's there buissness if they do whatever, i can always go somewhere else thats my choice and whatever that other person it's there own choosing right.
  14. did you ever think for one second that the person that lights a smoke, doesn't have clue who you are and if you smoke or not?
  15. well for one thing i didn't mean for this convo to get an arguement going so chill out dude, your like 1000's of miles from me and like fragged was saying if your that close your better step back.
  16. if you want smoking bans come over here in ontario, we have those bans in effect all over including bars resturants public places. but it doesn't stop anyone that wants to smoke like i was saying, its up to that person what he/she does to there own bodies. and no one is gonna tell them different without getting into an arguement.
  17. you mean this one http://www.emachines.com/products/products...eMachines_T3065 your post didn't bring up the page, i think it was a 404 error or something like that.
  18. the 98se cd has cdrom support with it, but the fdisking you would have to get that fixed up first because you can't acess fdisking without something going wrong i forget what it was when i tried. but i made a cd with all the 98se startup files on it and it worked, i had to burn it as a iso image i think it was that was awhile ago i did that.
  19. the story you had posted i would imagine happens everyday somewhere and sad, but we as humans will do things to are bodies that weren't mean't for it although it's the person that smokes drinks or whatever decides that. you can't stop people from hurtting themselves thats the way life goes with some people, i'm one of those people i smoke and have been since i was 7 years old, i'm 35 now and tried to stop smoking cold turkey, patches, gum nothing worked. and i'm not the most pleasant person to be around when i try to quit, i have to stay home so i don't bug the hell out of someone. but this was my choice when i started, a long story to that which i don't wanna go into to many bad memories.
  20. i think dickster is or chugging back some of these :beer: :beer:
  21. heh that one partition with all those files on it is choking to death there is no way a defrag would even budge on that, need to move a bunch of files to the other partition so everything doesn't fight to get air.
  22. i know if this was my machine it would get low leveled, but i won't buy namebrand systems too many headaches and no agp, and then there is the fact you can't o/c them. fustrating
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