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  1. i found this to be very good at locking the hosts file, and unlocking to prevent highjacking. http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm maybe it might a get a sticky.
  2. sounds like someone was in the bio's and messed with some of the settings, after you sold it. clearing the cmos will reset it back to it's defaults, but you will need to setup the processor so it reads it right, and some of the other settings.
  3. the monitor needs to be demagnetized to put the colors back to normal, you might wanna call a t.v repair service to see how much it will cost, i don't think very much.
  4. i just threw away my pcchips mobo, i had it didn't last very long. if you do buy one read reviews and what other ppl say about them, to me there junk but thats just my oppinion about them.
  5. try this go into internet options in general hit settings, and another window will come up now click view objects and see if there is any porn dialers, in there if there is delete them.
  6. clear the cmos would be next, and try it again.
  7. some maxtors come with 2 jumpers my 40 gig did and i took it off, it wasn't detecting all of the h/d. and took the remaining jumper and put it on the number 1 pin, thats next to the ide ribbon cable. make sure the red side on the ribbon cable, is facing the power connector.
  8. im not sure about hp machines, but with the 600mhz processor he has it should have an agp slot on it as this comp i'm typing on now, is only a 450mhz processor and has one.
  9. here is a link for the slot1 processors my l1 cache is 32 kb and the l2 cache is 512 and it sits next to the processor.
  10. with slot1 processors the l2 cache is next to the chip itself which i have, i just wish it was faster then my tiny l1 cache is.
  11. with the floppy you have just put it in the floppy drive, and reboot set your boot order as a:\c:\cdrom or something similar to that order and save it. then it will boot to the floppy, and just follow the instructions it's straight forward, you have to press some keys to get to the part, where you do the low level format.
  12. the utlilty you have is the old one it will still work. however maxtor has a new maxblast utlilty out and you can partition your drive, with that alot easier then maxblast 1.0 the newest version is 3.0
  13. outpost firewall blocks those ads you see.
  14. that won't do anything the lawyer will only tell her, that there is nothing he/she can do about it as its the internet. and where her communitie is it's in a place where everyone can go, unless she makes her communitie restricted place, where anyone would have to go through a manager of the communitie, and it stops alot of the bull. the other crap this guy is pulling, well kylie i'm sure you will be able to find someone to help you on that part, if he goes into chat .
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