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  1. Norton's latest versions have definitely been an improvement on using system resources.
  2. I used to use Norton. When my subscription was up, I decided to try AVG Free. So far, no complaints and one definite noticeable difference is my system boots up and shuts down much quicker.
  3. Well, I went ahead and deleted the account. So far, nothing terrible has happened and I don't really expect anything to happen.
  4. Recently upgraded my machine. I know I didn’t have this ASP.NET account there before the upgrade, but I’m almost 100% sure I had all the net framework updates installed, as I always keep my updates current. Now the ASP.NET account is there and I can see that all the framework updates are also there. BTW, I didn’t do the upgrade myself. I think I read somewhere on the net that you have to reinstall the framework updates one at a time in order to get rid of the ASP.NET account, and I think the person who upgraded my machine may not have done that. So your saying that it’s safe to de
  5. Ok, I found the free version. Wondering how many of you are using AVG and if you are using it, did you pay for the extra features or just using the free version?
  6. Is AVG charging for their product now? I was looking at their website and they appear to be charging. On CNET it is still listed as the most popular download. (free) ??
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