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  1. I am not in to OC'ing. I would prolly screw everything up if I tried. I just run the way it is.
  2. Yes, that's it. Looks like they raised the price. I got it for $63. I have had no problems at all. Not a real big gamer though. NFSU and Americas Army is about all I play.
  3. Where can I get the best drivers for this card?
  4. All kidding aside, what do you suggest I do to fix this?
  5. As I have posted under another topic before, after I installed more RAM, the xp welcome screen hangs for 1-2 minutes before loading up the desktop. I scanned for viruses and adware using ad-aware and spybot. I also ran the windows memory diagnostic and found no errors with the RAM. The ram installed was identical to what was in the system. 256mb DDR SDRAM 266Mhz. That is the error that I am trying to ultimately fix.
  6. I am running xp home. It isn't all programs, just four or five. A couple of kids games, a drag racing game, and also belarc advisor. I reinstalled belarc and then tried to uninstall and I get the same error.
  7. Someone told me I can reinstall windows over the existing windows without formatting mmy drive. He said it will basically fix any errors it finds when it installs. Is this true, or just a bunch of crap?
  8. I am not able to uninstall. I keep getting the error that the install.log file cannot be found. It does this for everything I try to uninstall.
  9. I was using the windows add/remove programs utility.
  10. it does this with anything I try to uninstall.
  11. I just tried to uninstall a bunch of childrens games from my system and I get an error that says it cannot fins install.log. What do I do? Skip
  12. I took the new out and it does the same thing. I took the old out and ran with just the new, same result. Put both in and same thing. What could be causing this?
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