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  1. Thanks RAH where is this HD utility deal located? Slick
  2. The latest. Download the Ethernet driver onto a floppy and ran in the trouble maker PC. It was located and about to be installed when out of the blue it wanting me to insert the Intel VM100 disc. Never heard of it. In safe mode I took a look and the Ethernet driver was installed but won't function. So internet is out. 5 hours later I re stalled XP for the fun of it. Getting no where with Win98. Installed and okay right up to the bar graph loading to take you to the desktop and a blue screen showed up. A problem has been detected and Windows has shut down. If this is the first ti
  3. The resetting of the CMOS sounded like a reasonable shot but struck out. Didn't change a thing except the prompt for Windows protection Error seems to come up a bit quicker. Other than that when the New Hardware Found deal pops up looking for the plug and play monitor she freezes every time. Will try to connect to the net in safemode now and let you know. Slick
  4. Hi storm ran the memtest deal for an eternity and it says it's okay. I just have a hunch it's something like the onboard vid driver acting up but I dont know how to get one in there with no CD rom, When I installed XP earlier today one thing I noticed was when the splash screen came up it was real dull and faded and then straighten out. Like it had no brightness. Looking for idea's Slick
  5. Hi Gardener there's only 1 stick in it now. Is there any type of boot CD I could check the memory with around?
  6. That's the one!! tried reinstalling Win 2000, XP and Win98 se OS all over again. Win98 is the only one that appears to install completely. This last time I enter the key and go through the time zone settings, control panel and start menu, no problems but then it restarts it when it gets to the desktop up pops the prompt for "New Hardware Found" plug and Play monitor search and instant freeze every time. Once I punched a few keys and got the "Windows Protection Error" which led into it's now safe to turn off your computer. I tried the F8 into safe mode and that works great for hours with
  7. Hi duanester, this thing has built-in video, no card. Now that I have Win98 installed I'm going to fire it again and report from scratch. I was thinking maybe the video driver or something but hey , I don't know. Changing monitors doesn't matter. The pc itself is a MSI MS6215 1000mhz Slick
  8. Hello guys. old faithful. p3 1000 mhz slim guy is acting up after the last year of flawless service. Started freezing up all the time so I reloaded Win2000 and it seemed to work okay if I didn't land on any web pages with Flash. If I did it froze. Clueless on that one. Played with it for awhile and put Win98se on it last night for a switch. It made it all the way thru until it discovers new monitor device then freezes and wont budge. Shut it down and can go into safe mode without any problems and look around all day. Cant hook the internet up because theres no driver for the Ethernet card an
  9. Dickster, I looked in Bios but cant find anything to do with Smart enable or not. Where might it be? Finally got that UBCD. don't really understand it but it's showing up on that bad PC. Is there a tool in there that just says HD bad buddy, sorry or do you have to check out all the #. Will add to arsenal. Late for school be back tomorrow. Thanks everyone! Slick
  10. HELLO DICKSTER!!! How are you? I looked under the loyal special upgrade and they will give a 150 gig for around $283 and I think they throw in a $3.00 discount. I know I can beat that but since this is a learning junket I'm on, I want to try that Boot CD thing. Might learn something. Slick
  11. Thanks bad, I put the serial in the check list at WD and was told to get lost. Not covered Slick
  12. thanks guys, things are going badly here. Tried that check deal and it was full of errors so that was abandoned. Would like to try the UBCD but the one mirroe was a 6 hour download and I'm on cable. Go figure, just not my day. I think the warranty plan is danger of dying also. I pulled the HD and it's dated May 29 2004 serial WCAEK1628550. Going to try to find the Ultimate boot CD with a little better download time. The last time I fired it up I got the warning bout the failing drive but hit F1 to continue on and the screen went blank and black and couple minutes later up came thi
  13. Okay. I'll get the Western Digitals diagnostic tools and give that a shot. I assume I can put that on a CD and run it on the bad PC? Slick
  14. Hello guy's, it's been awhile. A golden opportunity to partake in another Slick adventure may just have landed at my doorstep. Critter in question is a V2 Premier with XP installed. I've never seen it work but when you power up the first screen is similar to this.. Main Processor Intel P4 3.00Ghz Memory Testing 524288K With 64 shared CPU P4 3.00 GHz Hyperthread CPU detected and Enabled IDE CHannel 0 Master WDC WD1600JB OOEVAO Slave None IDE Channel 1 Master DVDRam GSA 408IB A100 IDE Channel 2 Master None IDE Channel 3 Master None PRIMARY MASTER
  15. Okay guys it seems were all over the place but I think we can all get on the same page. But first up I have to run to the JD store. They close in 10/ be right back. Slick
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