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  1. Right click on My Computer, go to manage. Click on disk management, then right click on the drive.
  2. On the back of my power supply there is a switch to switch voltages I believe, could that be something? Other then that, my computer is not even stable at 3.4 Ghz I found out, I thought it was, but after play EQ2 for a few minutes, it locked up. I know some people can overclock more then 1 Ghz up, and I cant even do 400 Megz, and I have a 60$ heatsink. Its not like my temperature is too high either, at idle, its about 36-39 degrees, and at full load, anywhere from 42-50. Also, is it better to leave the side panel off to decrease temps?
  3. I actually cannot find any way to increase my Vcore, I know where I am supposed to do it, in the Bios, but its greyed out, im unable to change it, even from Easy Tune 4. My Vcore is set at 1.3, but again, Im not sure how I can change it. I do have the ability to change DRAM, AGP, PCI; but im not sure when and why to change that. The most I overclocked my computer is to 3.4 Ghz from 3.0. Is that good?
  4. I put my FSB to 230 I believe giving it 3.4 Ghz from 3.0 Ghz. Whether or not that is good, Im not sure, but can I squeeze more out of it? I have tried, but my PC reboots, so obviously im doing something wrong.
  5. I have the option to choose 66/33/100. I always had this setup when OCing.
  6. There is no option to lock it, there is one to disable it, and there are many different number cominations, but no lock.
  7. Yes Duanester, I do have that and I can change it, I just have no idea what to change it to.
  8. I have the program that comes with my Gigabyte Motherboard called Easy Tune 4 and it allows me to change my PCI, AGP, and DRAM. I didnt find these options in the OC tips link. My computer restarts when I OC from 3 gigs to 3.4 but my temp on my CPU was 36 degrees. There got to be a way to get more out of it.
  9. I do have the AGP/PCI setting. What is the program to OC the 9800 Pro?
  10. I would like to try to overclock my computer to get a little more speed from it. Here is my situation: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=PEZ1NWBTAKQS7T6U I do not want to break or damage my CPU or any other component in my computer. Can I still overclock? If I do overclock, can I see a visible increase in the frame rates of the games I play? Here is my cooling situation. I have two case fans, the fan on my ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, a 120 MM fan on my Thermalright Heatsink. At idle, my CPU temp is 35-37 degrees celcius, and at full load, it is anywhere from 42-50 degrees celcius. What do you all think, can and should I overclock and to how much?
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