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  1. All the way through reading this I could only think "Oh this is going to get deleted" up until the last line. Too funny.
  2. I'm like Joe on the purchasing. I buy cable internet so I get the basic tv package, except I do watch Fox News and others as well.
  3. Meh,.. I see it's still the same old crap in here. I like your post outside of PD much better terry.
  4. Hey porks, been wondering where ya where. Glad to see ya made it through the mono crap. How's the vid card doing? Still amazed at the fix on that.
  5. Working with your wife = bad Not sure this was a blessing.
  6. Click the ABP sign and in the section under the window right click this part and select add exception, then the videos will play.
  7. It did not play the video in FF for me, but did in IE. Same as you and on Vista.
  8. More then likely the 2D score is affected by the difference in the drivers. CPU score is not to far off and could have just been a glitch. Generally you will get the best cpu score from a fresh boot.
  9. Very nice If that i7 lappy had Win 7 on it, it would prolly break 10k.
  10. XP score looks real nice, but you didn't give a link to the Win 7 test.
  11. OMG! That's the funniest thing I have ever seen.
  12. Have you made your car payments? Maybe it was the repo man?
  13. If I where going for the power, the dv4-2170us would be the system I would get.
  14. NASCAR baby!!! Daytona 500 today!!!
  15. Not as long as I can click on your name and see your handsome face.
  16. Was a cool looking launch going threw the clouds. Here is a video of the launch. Once the shuttle gets going there is a female voice commentating the procedures. Wow she had a sexy voice. http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/02/08/...s-night-flight/
  17. Nope, never bought any stock. I take it you made a handsome profit?
  18. The posted video is jaw dropping to me. Not in just the treatment of the customer's package, but in safety. The driver jumps out of the truck while it's still moving. UPS trains us in vehicle safety to a mind bending level. It's so repetitious and every day. I can guaranty you that driver no longer works for UPS. He put people's safety in jeopardy and that does not float with UPS nor the Union.
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