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  1. My first impression was the song/video was a Weird Al spoof.
  2. KRAM

    Screen Recording

    Check the programs default saving location. Make sure the folder exist and you have write access to it.
  3. You're welcome buddy. Hope all the parts keep working for ya.
  4. As the old saying goes "if you build it, they will come" Heck yes I would buy games ported to Linux. I'm not on Linux because it's free, I'm on it because #1 It kicks f*****g :filtered: #2 It's stable as hell #3 No viruses and spy-ware bs. I love porn. I paid for Cedega.
  5. Guess I borked this card for good some how. Can't seem to get it to display correctly again. Have 2 of these and went to match the bios of the cards. This card has display blocks every since they bios change. Everything matches too for good bios change. Pitty.
  6. Yes I have. I replied back with my issue and have not heard back.
  7. I need someone to send be a copy of the bios from a XFX 7600 GT PV-T73G-UGF3 V7.0 video card. PLEASE!
  8. Oh nice terry, that Rosewell looks like what I need and newegg has em for $30 shipped. Thanks!
  9. Yeah I know the hold down brackets have to mount to the board. Ok lets see if we can get this straight. I have a testing motherboard, all it is for is testing. I want to remove the heatsink and fan assembly with utmost ease so I can change out the cpu. Hold down brackets do not have to be removed, just the heatsink and fan. Looking for a single clip type, any out there?
  10. That looks like as much of a pain to put on and take off as the stock intel heatsink and fan.
  11. I want the clip on type for ease of use. All I am doing is dropping in the cpu to test then remove. It's not for sustained use, just testing.
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