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  1. Very few who invoke his name have any idea about him anyway. Why are you invoking his name here and now?
  2. Glad you went to the hand doc. The physical therapy should get your function back. Nice work by the way. If you're going to do something, do it well, I always say......
  3. That BS spam email has been around for years. But I'll tell you on figure that is true that might surprise you. There are more suicides than homicides in the US, in fact it runs right around DOUBLE. Or, to relate it to the above, more people kill themselves by any means than are killed by someone else with a gun. Yet.....I don't see any big socio-political movement to help people with depression while there are huge movements to ban guns. In fact....... left, right, liberal, democrat, conservative, republican are all equal at ignoring the problem, attaching a stigma to it....and trying to hide from it. But they all seem to make lots of noise about guns.
  4. Actually, this didn't test promiscuity itself. I think we need a more specific test
  5. The results are in: http://www.wlfi.com/dpp/news/local/creator...dnt-shake-earth Ladies, we are safe, you are free to shake your stuff.
  6. Schlitz beer. The first beer I ever had was a Schlitz........
  7. How to find.....um....big......um.....earthquakes....... HERE
  8. http://www.wlfi.com/dpp/news/local/Purdue-...y-with-cleavage
  9. BSODs? And they sent you 7 to "fix" it? Personally, I would be on the horn with HP making as much noise as possible for them to fix or replace the thing. Still under warranty I hope? In the mean time, go into device manager and see if all your drivers are OK. Right click computer>properties>device manager.
  10. 32 Gnome G and B and wired (N router but no N cards)
  11. I must have one. Must. I've been waiting for this. But I just can't afford it right now! Donations accepted......
  12. Add a voice modem, available in USB these days. If you just want fax, why not use something like this: http://www.rapidfax.com/homepage/ I have been using them for something like four years with no trouble.
  13. I dig classic audio gear, and I'm a tube man myself. Do tell more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Apple patented the idea for laptops. You can make your own though.
  15. Guys, the wife has it......not me...very little hope of me getting my hands on it unless my wife screws it up....... ......then I will get to fix it..... I used it a little and liked it...but it is hers.......
  16. Well....I know I want one.....I would love a high end netbook. My wife got an Eee PC. Cheap. Very Cheap. And I love it (except it's pink ) Why? What for? Simple: It's really, really portable and does whatever you need short of 3d gaming. Streaming media? No problem. Productivity applications? Again, no problem. Not the kind of thing you want to spend hours working on, but a really great thing to have with you for those times when you wouldn't have otherwise had a computer with you just because it's a pain to carry one. Yup....I want one.
  17. I am posting this on a 32 bit system running Windows 7. So...yes. This laptop has a 2.6ghz Pentium 4M and 2 gigs of ram, 7200rpm drive, and it runs 7 at least as fast as it runs XP, perhaps faster. This laptop was made in 2003. I assume you mean a "full size" screen....or perhaps resolution. A high resolution screen will make things look small but you can adjust the settings for font size, icon size etc to compensate for that. If things look too small then it's just set up wrong. If you mean the size of the screen, just buy a bigger laptop.
  18. I believe the slides will be publicly available. If you don't understand it, you're in good company. Neuroanatomy spanks a lot of medical students! I'm pretty good with it, as well as anatomy in general.....but then....I have taught it at the graduate and post graduate level. It's kind of fun to see a set of neurological signs and symptoms and have to track down the lesion......I think it's fun anyway. On the medical board exams they will show such a slide and give a case and you have to point to where the lesion is, or name it, or name the associated nerves. This is known to cause a deer-in-the-headlights effect in medical students and even palpitations.
  19. They have finished! I will be very interested to see the slides when they are done.
  20. Uh-oh....something may be going wrong....they removed the brain from the microtome. I don't think they are done, it's too early.
  21. Freeze first, then thin section it. I've done it, but never on such a large sample, or with such a large machine. The machine is called a microtome or ultramicrotome. It cuts very thin sections. When I did it it was for electron microscope studies of heart and liver tissue. Our samples were very small, as in the size of a grain of rice. If you want some pictures for orientation here are some: http://library.med.utah.edu/WebPath/HISTHT...T/NEURANCA.html They are doing coronal sections. Like this: http://library.med.utah.edu/WebPath/HISTHT...AT/CNS212A.html
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