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  1. Far too little information. In general, check the cables, reboot the PC and restart the printer.
  2. Certainly he is a whack job. No doubt. But that does not preclude his religion being a factor, even a driving factor. Lots of whack jobs out there motivated by religion. The real point is that even if it was a factor, that is not an indictment of his religion.....only of him. Whether or not or how much his religion had to do with this simply remains to be seen. But in the end, it is still his doing, not his religion.
  3. AFAIK, US born, US educated, US trained. He even went to the Uniformed Services University Of The Health Sciences F. Edward Herbert School Of Medicine. http://www.vahealthprovider.com/results_ge...e_No=0101238630 Interestingly, he had post graduate training in Disaster and Preventive Psychiatry. In fact it looks like he just completed the one year fellowship. Edit: Ironically, this guy apparently did his undergrad at Virginia Tech.
  4. I know how you feel. Me and my wife take care of my dad in our home. At last census I had 10 siblings.....and here we are...... A little advice....hopefully anybody facing possible incapacity with age or infirmity will consult a lawyer and establish appropriate trusts. If not, you will have to pursue Conservatorship if you are to handle their affairs. I am my father's Conservator, it was no fun getting it.
  5. I know there are people keeping their records on EMR software at home......I was hoping there were some here......
  6. Thanks, I've seen that list. I have read about almost all of the softwares on it. Have you tried anything?
  7. One of my interests in medicine is Clinical Informatics and EMR. I am also a big fan of Open Source. I hope to make Clinical Informatics 20% of my practice. So why am I posting? I am looking for Open Source and freeware software for medical records at home. More to the point I am looking for something to use in my home. We care for a 7 year old with autism and an 87 year old with Alzheimer's. I want something for daily use where we can log medications given, medical orders, nursing instructions....everything. There are EMR softwares available but they are far more heavyweight that what is needed in this context. I don't need practice management, billing, etc. This is for the home. It should have a simple intuitive GUI, untrained people need to be able to use it on occasion with little explanation. If any of you are familiar with anything that you or someone you know might have tried, please let me know and tell about it here. I have already Googled and read a lot, but I want to know what you think. I am also involved in projects (research) that could involve a review of such things. This isn't for that, but it could provide some leads for that later. So if there is anything you want to see in such a software, please post it here. To surmise: 1) Do you know of any medical record software for home use and if so what is your expeience with it? 3) What would you personally or somebody you know want or need in such a software. Security and privacy protection is a given requirement in such an application, so no need to get into that much. Feel free to question anything internet based in that regard though, I can't imagine not questioning it. Thanks so muchfor any input.
  8. Falling asleep in class can be normal...or it can be pathological......depends..... It is important to not only be careful about too easily labeling things pathological, but also normal. Just this one symptom on its own can't be labeled that way. If a person sees fit to complain about falling asleep....I would want to understand why.....it deserves investigation. It very well could be benign and incidental, but the mere fact that the person notes it as a problem begins us leaning away from that and more toward the pathological.
  9. Well....I don't know any that died, but I know a few that aced the boards.....
  10. When I was studying for my boards I was drinking twelve cups of coffee a day plus a double espresso...... Yeah.....I was sharp as a tack.... I know guys that studied on Ritalin in med school.....
  11. 10 points to theoldgardener for looking it up. Easy eh? Yet few people know about it.
  12. Personally, I don't like that your doc let you manage the drug like that....he's not supposed to be doing that. I question his methods....to put it kindly.
  13. Yea, yeah. I get it. Sorry. I just get frustrated about that stuff sometimes.
  14. You have no idea. I know a doc with a Mercedes that hasn't gotten paid in seven months. Most docs die younger than the average and broke. Make the marketing illegal, I don't care, really. But if you think continuing medical education can compare in any way to any other field you are wrong. The extent and expense of it is enormous. It was once estimated that for a doctor to keep up he would need to read 17 journal articles a day, 7 days a week. Organized courses are needed, otherwise it is impossible. EDIT: A little research shows us that the cost of continuing medical education is $2.25 billion a year. That's something like $3000 per year per doc....not including travel time, meals, paying someone to cover for you, lost income due to the time off......etc Doctor's incomes have gone down every year for about the last twenty years....contintuing education costs continue to rise. Debt upon graduation continues to rise and is positively astronomical now, up to $350,000. Med school tuition has gone up 165% in the last twenty years....17% in 2003 alone. I am up to $156,000 in education debt. I am going after a surgical residency next year. I will make just about $8.00 an hour for the next six years! I've got a BS, an MS, and an MD. I have passed my medical license exams. My dad was a doctor and my brother is a doctor. I know the reality of it all too well. I am 42 years old...when exactly is this big fortune supposed to fall on my head? Hey, I know a cop that drives a Cadillac and lives in a $350,000 house. Does that mean cops are rich? No, it means he carries a lot of debt. Here is an interesting article about it: http://money.cnn.com/2007/11/16/pf/young_doctors.moneymag/ My total debt is something around $400,000 right now. I made $7000 last year and am going to work for peanuts until I get a residency....and then I will work for peanuts.....
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