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  1. I have never used the Abit board you mentioned but I am the owner of two socket A boards: The NF7-S and the AN7. Both were very solid overclocking boards. Since I have a good experience with them I'll give them a thumbs up
  2. Under no circumstances should you ever flash the bios of your motherboard with a different manufacturers. The only thing that you will have is a dead board.
  3. Hey! Thanks for that tip, I never knew about that one. I have the minimize to desktop short cut on my quick launch tool bar so thats what I use.
  4. thanks guys. Thumbs up to consumer rebellion, EDIt: anyone know of a safe adhesive i can use to attach the fan to the capacitors and pcb? (see an7 layout if you don't understand, lower right hand corner by top ide connector is where fan is going)
  5. okay. cool. i will tape the fan on then when i get my an7. see, if you look at the layout of the an7, they move the ide slots to the very edge of the board, and instead replace it with some capacitors and stuff. so i will just tape it there. should do, or find another way...
  6. thanks. i'll take a look into doing so. EDIt: Question, does electric tape on the motherboard pcb or capacitors cause damage?
  7. are the 5.6 cats out already? I'd like to see some benchs first.
  8. okay. I'll set it when i get my new mobo. But i intend to volt it at or over 2.9 v. Do you think that its bad that the fan is blowing downward instead of upward?
  9. oh okay. Well, i don't have any other fans. The smaller one just seems a little inefficient for my tastes. So i am going to use the stock amd fan in the position it is in, in the pictures. Because the last one didn't fit.
  10. wow. i c. thats nice. Where you able to squeeze any more fsb out of it? or lower timings? @ ipod. you should see my pics of the new concept. i think it kinda works gains the heat rising theroy. because the fan will be set to blow downward.
  11. anyways. here are the pictures: Pic http://tyreal.remusomegasorder.com/images/fan 002.jpg http://tyreal.remusomegasorder.com/images/fan 003.jpg http://tyreal.remusomegasorder.com/images/fan 004.jpg there. thats my new concept. shizzle.. you have to copy the whole url into your browser, the link doesn't work if you jsut click it.
  12. cool. i just found out that my idea won't work. i tried fitting the mobo into the try but a harddrive is blocking it and i would have to move it down for it too fit (too much work, im lazy). Instead, i have a new idea. i will post some pics later on.
  13. sweet. i got my old stock amd fan as well. but where can i plug in the power? my current cooler is there as well. can you show me pics how i can better attach it. the tape is not very good. btw... what is xp90c? EDIT: Oh, your thermal take xp90c. googled it. but i can't visualize what your trying to say. sounds great, can you show me a quick pic?
  14. Okay. Was just checking out my memory and cooling now and something hit me Here are the pics: Pic1 Pic2 My whole idea is for active memory cooling. I found an old 92mm? fan and decide to do something with it. Since i don't use that ide slot i taped it there. Right now, as you can see in picture 1 its just masking tape, but soon it will be electric tape. the second picture is just a zoomed out version. The fan will be pulling cooler air from the bottom up to cool the heat spreaders. What do you think of my idea?
  15. great! by the time my new mobo arrives, the cat drivers will be realesed and hopefully my 9600 XT will be revived again.
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