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  1. Sorry guys, but you are all way behind. I have been in the 100,000+ club for years now. My most recent laptop score starts the 1,500,000+ club. Gotta catch up.
  2. why not? maybe it will make them chill out some
  3. neomia


    yeah i believe a 64mb card is the minimum for gtavc i cant get enough of that game though now that its on the pc (since i dont have any other gaming platform except for the original nintendo.. all my games are on my pc lol)
  4. im just glad people are finally agreeing with me the 1st episode i watched was the one fantasia auditioned for... i saw 2 auditions before hers.. and after i watched hers... i told myself she was going to win.. and that i had to keep track of her now she is in the final 4? yes? and i wouldnt be surprised if she made it to the last two i knew i should have put money on her.. haha
  5. that hit in the philly toronto game was insane...
  6. well, i dont have anything fancy this time... but easily the best background thats been posted here http://upload.all4sma.com/dsktp.jpg
  7. my name is neomia i am the master of dark arts
  8. actually celine is pitch deaf and has to use pitch correction in the studio and for her live shows because she is app. a half step flat on every note fantasia has an amazing voice... and to be honest with you... every time she sings she sends chills up my spine... her attitude just isn’t right for ai- that doesn’t mean she will not make it she will be like clay, even though she wont win, she will still be someone in music her attitude is what makes her... kinda like eminem... some people cant stand it... but it is appealing to many others because she is real... she isn’t going to hold anything back... she is herself every time- and that’s what I love latoya is an all around great performer with a great look, attitude, voice, and stage presence- and ultimately deserves to win this year, even though I love fantasia (who is my favorite) -- but come on people.. the guys this year suck!! they are horrible and should have been voted off ages ago latoya and fantasia should be the last two.. barnun
  9. actually, the best answer would be to start the pit's own irc channel structured similarly to the forum a #pitstopChat channel, #pitstopHelp channel, etc...
  10. well, it would almost be worth making GD its own section base section with its own sub-sections. PC Pitstop Forums +PC Pitstop Site +Community -General Discussion +sub section +sub section +sub section +sub section etc.
  11. i don't think this is a viable option nor a solution to the problem. not by a long shot....this isn't an athletic team, it's a PUBLIC forum.... its a public forum with a lot of athletes.. lol i mean, that was a long shot solution, yes- but in time it may be necessary you cant just ask people to stop coming here, like you said- this is a public forum so eliminating the source of the problems would be an obvious answer and the source isnt always the member, but rather the hand that feeds it
  12. well, im glad there will finally be zero-tolerance i was thinking of a couple solutions... one.) closing GD for a little while, or even indefinetly (maybe creating more specific forums) -everyone knows this is where every flame fest starts -closing it would punish everyone in the pit, its like being on an athletic team if you mess up, you arent the only one punished, your whole team is, and that way every member makes sure it doesnt happen again -of course, this has its downfalls, and i definetly dont think we want to be treated as children here, but you never know, it may have to come to that two.) banning people for a certain amount of time after causing, for instance, two-three threads to be closed -arguments can be fun and interesting some times, i would hope someone wouldnt get banned for a week simply because of an argument, but with this they would at least know their limits and restrict themselves when it gets hot on what they say and do, knowing that if they take it too far the thread will be closed, and they risk the posibility of getting banned -i could easily write a php script to make it easy for the admins to keep track of this
  13. errmm... http://www.speedbit.com/DAP7/Default.asp?
  14. oh.. i read the topic wrong lol the only car i have a legitimate picture of is my landcruiser fj-60 it is exactly like the one in this picture, except its a dark grayish blue with black quarter panels p/s new-box new radiator/water pump new belts and hoses fresh tune up all new brakes new exhaust-including cat conv dual battery set-up from man-a-fre w/controler optima batterys red / yellow top k&n air filter safari snorkel ARB bull bar w/warn xd9000-never used piaa 520 fog lights piaa 1100 driving lights hella conv headlamps with piaa 125w/135w bulbs cold frt/screen frt for radiator warn quick connect power lead frt/rear quick connect cb ant mt man-a-fre shackle reversle all pro high steer with fj80 tie rod ends BDS 2.5" susp doestech shocks greasable pins and bolts man-a-fre 2" rear greaseable shackles all new drive shafts frt/rear ARB's frt and rear / ARB compressor 4:88 gears w/all new bearings,races and seals closed knuckle service Toyota lock out hubs 5-Goodyear 35x12.50x15 mtr's spare new/ 4 with 1800 miles American racing baja wheels 15x8 custom rocker skids kay-mar rear bumper w/dual pivot swing away spare tire mt on driver side 7 pin trailer plug w/controler Beard seats rear seat covered to match Tuffy center console carpet is in great shape pioneer cd player w/ infinty speakers thru out alpine alarm system uni cb new windshield tinted windows
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