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  1. hi just thought i would add that i use dx9 to without any pro.... butt i do like dx8 better king
  2. all my god i have niver seem 3100 infected filesking
  3. hi i have a question do i need a firewall with 56k modem connection ? king
  4. glad u got it fixed kieth ...............................sorry just had to do that king
  5. yea i use both to for the same reason king
  6. hi im all out of idea's for tonight, butt r u sure your hardrives ant dead the reason im asking is because i have seen were 2 hardrive's die at the same time, is there ne way that u can use a friends hard drive just to make sure that your's dont work?, butt hell i could be wrong and your hdd r fine.................. also have u try a difent power cable for your hdd and your floppy king
  7. hi try what simpl said .. ,also have u tryed clearing your bios? king
  8. hi r u sure u have the praimly hdd pluged in to the clear end of ide 1 and do u have the slave pluged in to the midle of the ide cable? king
  9. hi not sure if this will help butt do u have the lastes 4in1 drives installed? king
  10. hi im pretty sure he is talking about free resourses king
  11. hi what i think brutus is trying to say is how r they hooked up on the ide cables king
  12. hi it may be time for a format if it jump'ed up 7 gb's king
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