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  1. Hi what you need to do is go back to repair shop and ask where are all your old parts. Seems to me the repairman ripped you off ? Also what OS do you have installed. You still need your old processor and other parts he took out. Also a Dell PS fits different then any other PS. It has 24 pins not 20.
  2. Hi if you know for sure all your settings are correct, leave them alone. I believe the program is having problems. The same comments come up for me and I know my settings are right. Just remember to run in Administrator Mode.
  3. Hi I have a Dell desktop and no big problems. How old is your Laptop ? Is it still under Guarantee ? The error you get is a memory dump error. Have you changed or altered the hard drive since you have the computer ? If not Dell has a partition on the hard drive with the operating system the way you received the laptop when it was new. If you could give us a little more info it would help. John
  4. Hi can you tell us what kind of problems your having. John
  5. Hi Debbie try to run system restore fron safe mode. You won't have everything running except whats necessary. If you need more help after that come back and we will help you further or email me direct at [email protected] Hope that helps a little. John
  6. Hi lady star since you restore your computer to and earlier time, you will have to uninstall optimizer and reinstall. Windows is acting like it was never there. Hope this helps. John
  7. Hi updated optimizer now it wont check internet settings because I have vista. Whats going on. Thanks. John
  8. Hi Helen I had some problems with CA before. I use Windows Live One Care. You still have the firewall the comes with XP. Also are the errors your getting from having the firewall off ? Also does it say what applications are hanging. Did all these problems start after you downloaded CA Security Suite. Let me know and I will see if I can help you further. If you like you can email me at [email protected] John
  9. Hi you can set it on 20. Thats enough and everything will work fine.
  10. Hi let us know what kind of problems, and also a little bit about what operating system you have and things like that. We should be able to help you fix your problems. But if you want to change browers there's Fire Fox. Let us know so we can help if needed. John
  11. Hi you won't be able to get any updates from Microsoft. They dont have any more support for Windows 98. A little more infomatoon about the problem would help. Post a copy of your test so we can see the problem. Thanks John
  12. Hi Waldo297 if I understand you problem, it sounds like your video driver is not updated. Get all your updates from Microsft then go to manufacturer of video card and get update. Hope this helps. John
  13. hi dont worry we will try to help you. First thing you need to get all updates. Second sounds like you have some spyware on computer. Do you have any spyware programs installed. Some are ad-aware, spybot s&d, windows defender, all these are free. Also you need a anti-virus program. Those are a little hard to find now especiaally the free ones Im talking about. Microsoft has a complete package called windows live onecare. After installing these put computer in safe mode and run all the programs and remove and delete all spyware and viruses. If you need more help come back here. All this sounds like its hard but its not.
  14. Hi have your customer use safe mode and restore his computer to an earlier point. Then he can go to the website he purchase software at and get a refund. Those reg editor software are no good. Unless he is and expert he never should have purchased it. Hope this helps.
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