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  1. All these updates are great. The only problem I have is AD_AWARE wont run on my computer. Im using Vista Ultimate.
  2. Hi appreciate all the updates. My problem is it doesn't work in Vista Ultimate at all. I can download and install, program won't start. Thanks
  3. I gather by CA2007 you mean Computer Associates. I had trouble with there software before. It was spying on me. It is also hard to delete. I would disable it and try and run a test in administrator mode. Just close out browers right click on IE shortcut and click run as administrator and run the test. Then compare the results and post both sets again. We are here to help.
  4. Hi did you lose the password. If so good luck. The company will not send you the passwork. Heres a link to the companies web site. http://www.radiance.m6.net/index.html
  5. HI do you know how to use system restore ? If so pick a restore point before you had all this trouble. It looks like you have 2 anti-virus programs. You need to delete 1 of them. Also when your done doing that you need to delete all your restore points and start over with new ones. If you need more help come back to the forum. You also will need to get some anti-spyware programs.
  6. Thanks. Also how can I join the anti-spyware brigade ? Have a great weekend and a safe 4th. John
  7. Hi does it work on Vista yet ? Thanks and enjoy the week. John
  8. Don't forget to shut off system restore otherwise all your trouble is still on your computer.
  9. Hi if that link doesn't help you try this one. It explains everything. Let us know what happens. http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?p=204656
  10. Try this link. If your using vista the CD that came with the video card won't work. You have to go to manufacturers web site and get vista drivers. This link will tell you how to get rid of old drivers. http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1655
  11. Hi try this link it should help. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...amp;rule=12749v
  12. Hi Russ I looked in some of the manuals I have and cant seem to find much about Lop.ax If you could post a HiJack This scan maybe we can help you a little further. Also have you tired removing it in safe mode ? They say its better to run spyware and virus software in that mode because you only have minimum programs running. Let us know whats going on.
  13. Hi I went to your link I tried to register but said I'm already a member. If your talking about the full test I can run them. If theres different tests for tech express I can't get to them. Tell me how. Thanks John
  14. Hi cant use that already have vista installed. How can I become a member of Tech Express
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