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  1. I don't think it is your drives....it's your Secondary IDE. Go to Device Manager and check for ! and X. Delete and reboot...let New Hardware Wizard reinstall. You'll need your 98CD.
  2. if you have XP, try system restore.
  3. there should be a beep code of some kind going off.
  4. doesn't sound like your CDRW to me. Is the CPU setup correctly in the bios? Did you install the driver that came with the Maxtor yet? run down this list...just plug in the essentials as mentioned above...make sure everything is seated. http://www.pcmech.com/byopc/index.htm
  5. all those internet thingys might be slowing you down. Also, you are using NTFS which can give you a much lower score.
  6. Did you try System Restore? You might try removing it and reinstalling.
  7. more pics of golf course...old boathouse on river. Pic 1 PIC 2
  8. check the local stores next time...I just got a few WD 80GB 8mb cache for $19 after rebate at Officemax.
  9. x5dr

    Bios Update

    200mhz...hmmm...what are you trying to accomplish? That is such an old system you might have the most current bios...they don't keep updating them. Try a program like SiSoft Sandra to find out exactly what version bios you have....(I don't trust the pitstop's version). Found this at gateway when I typed in your serial number and did a bios search. Looks like it is giving the versions for all Gateway models and not just yours. You might email tech support. http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers...aram=bios&st=kw Here is your present bios http://support.gateway.com/suppor
  10. run a virus scan to be sure... http://housecall.trendmicro.com/ I always found it was easier and quicker to do a clean install of the OS with 98se and then reinstall the backup.
  11. why do you have 2 anti virus programs? That doesn't make it twice as good...you might be having some conflicts and at best you have 2 programs eating up resources.
  12. I just use the online scan...works great.
  13. x5dr

    Bios Update

    It is a GATEWAY Intel board...DELL uses DELL Intel boards....they are not the same as the ATX standard Intel xxxx that the bios is for from the Intel site. You have to use the bios that is made for your motherboard or you may end up buying a new chip. Once again, Gateway uses proprietary parts and you have to consult their website....you can't use a DELL bios in a Gateway and that is basically what you are trying to do by thinking that one bios fits all. I am going to take a wild guess that your board has something different in the number than the Intel board does...maybe extra letters or
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