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  1. Why is it that there is nothing about this stupid stuff in any of Microsofts help? Thanks to eveyone!
  2. Yes that is the exact probs I have! Finally someone who doesn't think I'm crazy!
  3. The ram matched the OE ram exactly. So how do I find Ram that will work?
  4. I've got a hjt log posted after it apeared
  5. I have a simiar prob with my ram on an e-mahines t1440. It came with 128mb I added a stick of the correct 256mb, I got nothing, took it back tested bad. They gave me a new stick of a different brand, installed it and nothing again. The machine says that it still has 128, doesn't even detect it. why would my machine eat my ram twice so far?
  6. I'm not using classic style, and there are no checkmarks in the toolbar properties.
  7. http://1.pichold.com/screenshotz1.jpg
  8. http://4.pichold.com/screenshotz3.jpg
  9. http://4.pichold.com/screenshotz2.jpg
  10. I took pics of it but how do I post a pic here?
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