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  1. Thanks Joe C , I bookmarked that site for later use. Bear, I was told that just the other day by someone else. I find it strange that just this evening i worked on a friends work computer. She wanted me to take off her personal stuff before the company took the computer back. I took out the jumper block as the drive said and made it the slave. Booted up using my master drive. I have XP PRO. and hers had win 2000 on it. I was able to thak her stuff off . So it would seem that it can be done under certin situations. I've done this other times, some worked and some didn't. This is why I like
  2. Thanks again Bear and Mouse. Mouse, you make a good point on the jumper settings. I will go that route the next time. Bear, The drive was in another computer. When it started acting up he wanted to put in a bigger drive. Just wanted to salvage what he could off the old drive. He took the drive back to school and will crash it and use it as a slave. Thanks for all the help. John
  3. Thanks nukemdomis and The Bear, Answers to your questions. 1 Did you format the drive? No. the person wanted to get things off before we did that. 2 What content are you trying to view? Just trying to retreive some picture,songs and some other files and such. 3. Are you sure that you need the drive set as a slave your system may be cable select. Yes I made the drive a slave. I even tryed all jumpers. Nothing worked. and the orginal drive was keeped as master. The slave drive did have xp home on it. It started to act up and not respond to well.So he wanted t
  4. I need to know why i get this message. I'am putting a slave drive in a computer. When the computrer loads and windows XP IS UP AND RUNNING. I go to my computer and I can see that the drive is there. So I click on it to veiw the contents of that drive. I know that it has some information on it that i want. When I click on the drive letter (f) I get this message......... THE DISK IN DRIVE F IS NOT FORMATTED.Do you want to format now? yes no Now i need to know why it does this???? Thanks for any support. John
  5. Thanks kookla647 When i get back on that computer i'll try safe mode. John
  6. Thanks starmac and cbrat, The first part i tryed but get the message about no uninstaller found. Not the exact wording but something along those lines. The second part won't work cause i have no file in the Program Files folder " mcafee.com" or the agent folder with the app folder. So their is no file that ends with .adf extention. Like i said i can't reinstall it since it came with this new computer. I have no disk. Somehow i did not uninstall correctly.
  7. Thanks CBrat, Di not find it on the site.
  8. Thanks lurkingatu2 That did not work. Can i do as i said about deleting from the registry? It can't find the uninstall files in the mcafee program. Thanks John
  9. Hi everyone, Hope you are enjoying your summer. I need help on getting Mcafee out of my sisters computer. It is a new Dell. Somwehow some of the file got deleted .I want to take Mcafee out totaly. If i go to ADD/REMOVE it won't let me remove it cause some file or what ever is missing and will to remove anything. Here is my question???? Can i remove everything that is in the registry pertaining to MCAFEE? I can't reinstall Mcafee cause it came with the computer. I even went back to system restore and still get the file missing crap. So i want to totally remove it. How can this be
  10. blowout Look at the stool next to her. LOOKS like someone had a blowout doing what shes doing.
  11. I just did mine and got the checksum error. I just did it again and got the download. Strange things happen sometimes. JGL
  12. jgl

    Free Linux Cd's

    Thanks Bear, Just received youR copy of Suse 9.2. AS soon as I build a computer for my son I'll install it. Thanks for keeping you word. JGL
  13. I don't know if this helps or not but it worth a look. Got this from Kim Komando news letter. Home Page: http://www.komando.com `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` KILLER TIP--THE WEEKLY QUESTION SENT IN FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU! I'm dispensing with the usual Q&A format this week. It appears from my e-mail that the spyware problem is reaching crisis proportions. I am getting many complaints about About:Blank and something new (to me, at least)--SearchMiracle.Elite. Both of these programs, and others of their ilk, make changes to Windows Registry. Whe
  14. How would you react???? http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/01/26/store.sho...g.ap/index.html Most crimemals don't expect law abidding citizen to protect themselves. Sometimes there wrong. JGL
  15. jgl

    Free Linux Cd's

    OK, How do i stop tracking. I thought I'd track this forum. Now i want to stop. jgl GOT IT...Maybe I should leard to read more and follow directions......ooooo that right i'm a guy
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