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  1. For DVD you can try Memorex,TDK or Sony. Use the DVD-R because everyone is burning with -R and not +R>>>>>>>>>>For music at the CD-R Look for your burner in here>>>http://www.feurio.com/English/cd_writer.shtml
  2. I second that Lola>>I would do the same thing also in which I have the verysame board with AMD 64 3000+ CPU>>>I had a bunch of problems and I just pull everthing down and do it all over again with the driver cd and I am ok now
  3. I can tell you this from first hand when WinMe start acting like that it's time to backup all you need and do i clean install of winMe>>>or you can go the other way by fixing one thing and them another thing gets screwed by fixing the other and the list goes on and on
  4. What did you scan it with? What is the name of the 2 viruse it found? what Windows are you using 98,Win2k or XP ? :snowman:
  5. Start (boot) your system in safe mode and run the scan again and also disable system restore also before you scan :santa: Good Luck :snowman:
  6. Trust me on this one But dont but your trust in Bill Gates Hey JSanders9 Tell them about it
  7. Not good enough>>get a thiird party firewall :welcome:
  8. Hey make sure you read this first ok >>>http://www.blackviper.com/AskBV/tech10.htm :santa:
  9. Go herehttp://www.answersthatwork.com/Downright_p...s_bootdisks.htm
  10. Also try this>>>http://cexx.org/lspfix.htm
  11. Good enough to keep 4 system in my house free of virus for over 4yrs now
  12. Be careful removing this one because it will mess up your browser from connecting to the internet
  13. This is a long shot to take>>Try system restore back before it went bad
  14. Did this happen after you upgraded the firmware? or before>>You see most of the times they tell you if you dont have problem with the firmware do not update
  15. I have the same version and you might be looking in the wrong place
  16. It will get misleading if we start talking about something else so lets stay with the topic Anyway for me I un-check all of them because I dont want those crap on my system and I will do the same on all my family system when I get to them.
  17. OK I see what you are talking about>>Is this good or bad? to have it check?>>should it be un-check or what??????????? Or maybe it is by default because Ad-Aware already got it in there search?
  18. Today a friend call me and told me his system XPHome is acting up and going slow. I went over there and D/L ad-aware SE with out update and the first full scan I run it came up with 1960 New Critical Ojects just to make along story just think about when I update it lol
  19. And do some of this also and you should be fine >>http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/sp2/sp2_whattoknow.mspx
  20. OK>>>and good luck>>>plus I've never heard of that site before Your welcom also
  21. Did they send you a 128mb 168pin PC100 SDRAM DIMM ?????
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